Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some Steamy Summer Reading


Sole Possession, by Bryn Donovan

Book Description:

After David Girard inherits his family's creepy old estate—a place that holds only tragic memories for him—he wants nothing to do with it. The sooner it's out of his possession, the better, so he hires Andi Petrowski to fix it up for a quick sale. He's immediately drawn to the feisty contractor, but he fears his father's cruel legacy will ruin everything.

The moment Andi enters the Girard mansion, she's haunted by disturbing visions. She tries to brush them off, but her attraction to David isn't as easy to ignore. Their relationship soon crosses the line from professional to personal, despite his guarded nature and warnings about his dark past.
When the dreams and visions intensify into very real violence, David and Andi are desperate to uncover the evil threatening to possess him. Could Andi's gifts be the key to uncovering the darkness within David? And will he be strong enough to break the family curse and protect the woman he loves?

Angie's Review:

This was a fun, light read- perfect for the beach or poolside. I am not a huge romance reader, but I found the relationship between Andi and David very sweet and very very steamy. In the first half of the book, the focus is on the relationship primarily, with spooky hints about what is to come. By the second half, the ghost story is in full force, and the scares were exciting and non-stop. There are some blush-worthy sex scenes, but they are tastefully done.

Andi is very relatable and down-to-earth. She's a contractor who used to work in an office setting, but realized it wasn't for her. She has had a history of experiencing things she didn't quite understand, and there is more to her gift than she realizes. David is a wounded attorney who grew up in a severely abusive home. He longs to develop a meaningful relationship with Andi, but he doesn't trust himself. After all, his father abused women...would he do the same if he lost control?

I especially enjoyed the character of Morty Silva- the ex-priest, turned paranormal investigator. He likes to call David "Slappy." He doesn't take himself as seriously as he does his work, and he brings a lot of humor to the story.

This was only the author's second ever novel. Her first, novel, An Experienced Mistress, is a more traditional romance book, set in Victorian London. I am impressed with her abilities, especially since this is just the beginning for her. I would love to see her try her hand at some more ghost stories, because those are more my style, but I'm sure any romance story she chooses to tell will be really juicy and a lot of fun.


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