Saturday, July 13, 2013

Time of Once

Kickstarting a Series with Fan Feedback

This week, I’m excited to see the debut of something a little different in my writing career. My co-author S.E. Steinbrenner and I are launching two special edition prequels for a fantasy series set to debut in 2014. And we’re asking fans to help us write it.

The prequels–Once: The Series Beginnings and A Time of Once: The Series Prequel– are currently available for free via Smashwords and Amazon. These short volumes offer readers a glimpse of the series’ key characters and plotlines, while providing interactive ways for them to share feedback and get to know the series as it progresses.

What the Time of Once Series is Like
My co-author and I have previously done historical fairytale retellings, with First Bite: The Wicked Queen’s Tale and its companion books in THE DARK WOODS series.
A Time of Once, however, will be a contemporary setting, as reality begins to collide with the fairytale realm. It’s basically our own twist on the worlds created in TV shows likeGrimm and Once Upon a Time, with a healthy dose of the original fairytales we all know and love. 

There will be an ordinary town and citizens that start to undergo changes, to transform beneath the shadow of the fairytale world. Certain characters­­–a mild-mannered sheriff, a tough female reporter, and a clever little girl–will be among the first to notice the darkness that’s coming. But will they be able to stop it before everything they know and love is caught up or destroyed in its wake?

A quote from the series’ character known as the Storyteller pretty much sums it up: “What's evil becomes evil. What's good becomes good. And what's in between, it gets caught up either way.” 

How Readers Can Get Involved

From July 9th-13th, readers can grab a free copy of A Time of Once: The Series Prequel on Amazon at this link:  

Once: The Series Beginnings–which features completely different scenes–is currently free on Smashwords right here: 


The Smashwords volume will be available at other major retailers (B&N, Kobo, etc) within approximately three weeks.


Here, readers can view a photo gallery, character bios, and leave their suggestions, questions, and comments concerning the series so far. More interactive features, such as a discussion forum, will be available soon.

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