Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome to Doctor Who

If you aren't already watching Doctor Who, you might be wondering what all of the fuss is about. It's just a show about some goofy guy with a bow-tie, right? Something about time travel? A phone box that travels through space? Sounds weird.

If you are a member of Bite Club, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and assume you enjoy scary stories. Maybe a little romance thrown in for good measure? Well. guess what? That is the heart of any good Doctor Who episode. And on top of all of that, sometimes, the Doctor brings you to a new way of looking at your universe, and your own value as a human being.

So, let me show you some of the awesome things about Doctor Who, and maybe I'll make a Whovian of you yet. ;)

The Scary:
1. Weeping Angels- A beautiful statue of an angel, weeping into her hands. Or is it something more sinister? Every time you look away-even for a second, it moves. Ever so slightly at first, but then- bam! There it is, in your face! And this is no longer a beautiful woman, but a fanged and talon-ed creature, intent on feeding off of your very energy. Remember, don't look away, don't even blink!

2. The Silence- Imagine an alien race, manipulating humans, and in fact, many planets throughout the universe- and no one even knows? Why? You cannot remember you've seen one, once you look away. You will forget you ever saw him. How do you fight such a creature? How do you even remember what you were trying to fight?

3. Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts- Yes, Doctor Who has all of these. Except, the vampires might be an alien race, Queen Victoria may have to help destroy the werewolf, and the ghosts might be Cyberman who haven't fully materialized. Any paranormal creature is up for grabs on Doctor Who, but expect to see a twist in the explanation of how we got this legend.

4. Daleks, Cybermen, The Great Intelligence- There are races of aliens bent on conquering not only Earth, but the galaxy. Thanks to them, the human race has been on the verge of utter annihilation several times, but the Doctor has always managed to save us- so far.

5. The most scary thing of all- People Die. 
Not just people, but main characters. The Doctor WILL die and regenerate into a new version of himself. It is inevitable. You will get attached to the new version of him, and then- you will watch him die and be replaced. Your heart will break. Then you will move on, begin to love the new Doctor, only to do it all over again. Companions will die as well. Sometimes they live on, but can't be with the Doctor any more, and sometimes they are killed helping him to save the world. Every time, you mourn your characters. Even when they didn't actually "die," you still lose them, and it can be devastating. BUT- it makes the show, and each person on it, just that much more precious. Like every one of us, their time is limited. Only the Doctor is constant, but even he must change or be destroyed.

The Romantic:

1. Rose Tyler- Rose and the Doctor had a more in-love relationship than many of the other companions. However, a Time Lord and a human cannot ever really be together. That is the tragedy of the Doctor. He needs love, desires a partner and affection, but he will live forever. And since he is the last of the Time Lords, any woman he is with, he would have to eventually watch age and die. But he can't help his feelings for Rose. I don't want to spoil it for you, but get the tissues ready. 

2. River Song- The Doctor finally meets someone he could maybe be with! Although she is not a Time Lord, River can regenerate- she is a mystery, at first. But again-tragedy! Their timelines are reversed. The first time the Doctor meets River, is the last time she ever sees him again. Each time he sees her, he is closer and closer to losing her. Be prepared to cry when they share their "first" kiss, and River realizes that it will be her last. Oh, the heartbreak!

3. Amy and Rory, aka "The Girl Who Waited, and the Centurion" - The Doctor will actually travel with a couple for a time. He will be with them through their engagement, their wedding, the birth of their child, and yes...even their eventual death. Their love story has it's ups and downs- the way any real marriage would. But, they are far from normal. Rory would literally wait 2,000 years, guarding his beloved, if need be. The constant perils of traveling with the Doctor test these two at every turn. But every time, their love for each other conquers all. 

And we haven't even discussed the life-changing moments yet! There are moments in Doctor Who, when you realize, if only for a second, that our lives are all precious. It is the very fact, that we are these fleeting beings that makes us all so very special. In all of time and space, there will never be another you. YOU have the potential to be the most important person in all of creation, or the tool of its destruction. Or the person who says just the right thing at the right second, to motivate the person who will change the world. Who knows? Take no moment of your life for granted, because it never comes again. These are some of the lessons of Doctor Who.

So, as we approach the 50th anniversary special of the show, I hope that the Whovians remember some of the reasons they fell in love with the Doctor in the first place, and I hope that maybe someone out there, is introduced to a show that can make you scream, swoon, laugh, love, and weep. And I hope it makes you remember how precious YOU are.


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Sharon Ricklin Jones said...

Oh yes, all the same reasons I love Doctor Who...

Great post!

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