Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Death Takes a Holiday by Jennifer Harlow

Book description:

A supernatural love triangle + one indecent proposal Beatrice Alexander can crush a sixty-foot snake with her mind, but she can't take any more of the drama that's tearing apart F.R.E.A.K.S. Should she give it all up -- her job as a secret agent and the possibility of a relationship with Will, the gorgeous werewolf? Bea's hoping to get it all figured out on a trip home for Christmas. But soon her hunky ex-boyfriend wants to rekindle their romance. Then, a powerful (and super hot) vampire lord offers Bea an impossible ultimatum: leave San Diego and her family forever -- or become his lover.
Beatrice Alexander is part of the F.R.E.A.K.S. team, a team that makes sure that all things supernatural are following the rules. When they go out on missions they take care of the ones that are not.  Right now though she is in the middle of  a battle with her colleagues. Her crush, Will who is a werewolf, is angry at her for being friends with Oliver, a vampire, who almost killed her. So Bea decides it is time for a break and heads home to San Diego. In order to protect them Bea has never told her family and close friends what she really does, they think that she sets up daycare facilities so continuing the lie at home is difficult. But, when her ex starts giving her more attention, she thinks she might not want to go back to work. Until the leader of the vampire community in San Diego starts to make trouble for Bea, then she must seek help from her friends and find a way to tell her family that is not drugs that she is into. The biggest action is saved for the end, and I am not going to tell you that part you’ll have to read to see!
Once again Jennifer Harlow does it with this classic read. I love the character Bea even more after reading this installment, her character is still the strong woman who just really wants to be accepted.  The love between Will, Bea, and then Oliver is perfect because you know that both of those men are so into her.  You do not have to read the previous books to enjoy this one, but you might want to because they are good and you get more of the back story. Great read!!
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