Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Must Love Fangs By Jessica Sims

Book description:
The third book in the “funny, sexy, and lively” (Publishers Weekly) romance series about a paranormal dating service called Midnight Liaisons. 
Marie Bellavance has known for years that she will die of the same incurable disease her mother did. That’s why she never dated and doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her. But now, as an employee of the paranormal dating agency Midnight Liaisons, she has a chance: if she can find someone to turn her into a supernatural creature, she’ll be cured!Flirty were-cougar Joshua Russell has wanted standoffish Marie for his own, but she’s been off limits as a human. When he catches her sneaking away from a vampire date gone wrong, he steps in and offers his own services. As a vampire bodyguard, he’s able to tell her which vamps will be the perfect ones to date. But he’s secretly got a better plan in mind: if she wants to date the supernatural, a handsome were-cougar would be the best choice of all.
Jenny's review:
In this installment of the Midnight Liaisons series we get to meet Marie. Marie works the night shift at Midnight Liaisons and is now thinking of using these services for herself. Marie knows that she is going to die, her mother died of a strange illness and now Marie knows she is showing all the signs of the same illness. She really wants to find someone who will turn her to save her life, so she decides that she will seek out a vampire and become one herself. But Joshua has other ideas, this werecougar does not like the idea of Marie falling for a vampire and obviously thinks that he would be a better match. In this case they both have no idea what they are in for, but a lot of chemistry fills the air.
This was yet another great book from Jessica Sims. Marie is a loveable character who is clueless about the guy right in front of her. She gets into some interesting situations because she refuses to look in front of her, but luckily Josh is right there to save her.  I loved her because she was just waiting for someone to come along to trust and she finally found him. With some steamy sex scenes, you’ll love this book.  

Books in the series:

Beauty Dates the Beast
Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter
Must Love Fangs

Author website:


Carrie said...

Ive been looking for a series that i would enjoy and this one seems like a good one.
Thanks Jenny

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Hey Carrie,

You'd probably like Jessica Sims a lot. She mixes romance and humor, as you can tell from the title, sorta like Molly Harper, which I know is your fav.