Sunday, August 4, 2013

Spooktacular Sunday: Storybound and Story's End

Imagine that one day you fall into a story?  That is exactly what happens to Una!  One day she is in the library at her school and finds a book that is about her! The next thing she knows is that she is in a place with a dragon, and a boy named Peter.  Peter is not sure about her because she is not in the story, she is a write in.Una is confused but realizes that she is in the land where the book characters live and train to be the ones we read about in stories. But Una finds that not all is well in Story, because there is evil at work here to destroy Story forever.  In her quest to help save Story, she just might find that she is making things worse.

This is a great set of books. I thought the storyline was great, falling into the land where the stories come from.  Una is  a great character who adapts to situations well.  I also liked how the characters that are in Story, have their own story outside of the books that we see them in, it's a world of characters that makes you think of books in another way. This is a perfect book for the upper elementary reader that loves adventure stories.  

I borrowed these from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-06-202052-9 & 978-0-06-202054-3


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