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Spera, Volume 3- Graphic Novel Review, NEW RELEASE!

Spera, Volume 3, by Josh Tierney
Release Date: October 1st, 2013

Book Description:

"Exiled princesses Pira and Lono travel to avoid the clutches of Pira's mother, the Evil Queen. Obtaining jobs as adventurers, the two best friends set out on a series of quests that land them in perhaps more excitement than they'd bargained for. This lush hardcover series collects and remasters the ongoing adventures, written by creator Josh Tierney and illustrated by a rotating collection of some of the finest sequential artists on the web. The series, which first began as a popular webcomic, brings artists together from around the globe to showcase their talents as some of the premier fantasy artists in the industry, and Volume 3 is no exception! Featuring artwork from Cory Godbey, Michael Dialynas, Afu Chan, Meg Gandy, Amei Zhao, and Sam Bosma, Spera Volume 3 will transport you to a colorful world of wonder and excitement!"

Angie's Review:

 This is a charming series. The focus is on two princesses, Lona and Pira who are adventuring through the fantastical world of Spera, while exiled from their own kingdoms. Lona is a very feminine character- sort of what you would expect from a princess, whereas Pira is a complete tomboy. Both, though, are noble and brave, and facing some very real dangers. They are in the company of Yonder, a fire spirit, who appears either as a giant, flaming dog, or as a red-bearded man, and Chobo, a tabby cat with his own agenda. In this book, they are also accompanied by Adel, a student who helped the princesses defeat a werewolf in the last volume.

The story is told in chapters, and each chapter has its own illustrator, so no two are alike. You might think this would make it hard to follow, but I haven't found that to be true. In the beginning of each new section, there is a page where they showcase the new look of the characters, so I'm never saying to myself, "Who is this? Oh right." It is easy to keep up with. Personally, I love the way each chapter tells the same, ongoing story, but with a whole new look. In this book, my favorite artworks were in chapters 3 and 5. But I am sure anyone who reads this will have their own feelings about which styles they prefer.

The main story is followed by a series of shorts. Those are just one-off stories, and they aren't always related to what was happening in the rest of the book, or in sequential order. But they help flesh out the whole concept, and show some of the individual adventures of the characters, or present an interesting new take on the plot. Since the book is a showcase of a variety of illustrators, each short will vary in look and feel from each other.

The content is ideal for children, probably middle school and up, but I think adults who love fantasy, and fairy tales will enjoy it too.
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