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Zander Vyne: Immoral contest and character interview

Interview With a Vampire Hunter

I’m excited to have Oliver Ripley, the star of Zander Vyne’s new novella, Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter, on the blog today.  In the first book of the series, Vyne introduces us to a secret world of vampires and vampire hunters, unlike any you’ve read about before.  Please welcome Oliver to the blog!

VC:  What made you decide to come tell us your story?

Oliver:  Humans are fascinated with vampires and supernatural creatures, and don’t realize they’re being wooed by beings who, in reality, are hunting them. Historically, vampire hunters have operated in secrecy, shielding humans from the frightening reality, but I think it’s about time someone told vampire fans the truth because they are the ones in the most danger.

VC:  Can you tell us about your vampire hunting family?

Oliver:  The Ripleys have a special gift that allows us to sense vampires. That same gift casts a protective shield around us—an aura of sorts—so the vampires we target find us especially irresistible. With their defenses down, vampires are easy to kill.

VC:  I can’t help but wonder, being a fictional vampire fan and all, if there are any good vampires out there, ones who mean no harm to humans.

Oliver:  Vampires feed on human blood. They prey on the innocent. They’re not romantic like the ones on TV or in those Twilight books. They don’t sparkle. They don’t fall in love with humans and live happily ever after. I’d never met a “good” vampire until I met Miranda Vladula. She changed everything I thought I knew about vampires. She’s different in many ways.

VC:  You seem rather black-sheep-ish too. I’m surprised, after what you’ve told us so far, that you didn’t kill Miranda before you figured out how different she is.

Oliver:  I might have, but she was very clever in the way she approached me. I sensed a strange kinship with her immediately. But why would I be so drawn to her, a creature I’d been raised to hate? Why did I sense we were more alike than different? It threw me off. I had to learn more about her so, I let her live and went along for the ride.

VC:  And what a ride it was! You fell in love with your enemy. That had to be dangerous for both of you, even though it sure was fun to read about.

Oliver:  Miranda said we were like Romeo and Juliet, and I guess in some ways she was right.  But she was always in more danger than I was.

VC:  Why is that? She seemed even more dangerous than traditional vampires we’ve all read about.

Oliver:  Oh yes, Miranda is one of a kind, sort of. ~wry smile~ Still, it would have been easy to use some of my mojo to tear down her defenses, one by one, and seduce her to the point of weakness.

VC:  That’s one of the things I enjoyed most about your story—you pretty much seduce the souls right out of vampires, and boy is that hot. ~fans self~

Oliver: ~growls~ That’s something else that pisses me off about all the vampire stories out there. Vampires don’t seduce #$%&, but since most of this stuff is told from their POV they spread propaganda to fool and lure humans. Sure…they’re sexy as #&*@ in books and on TV shows. The truth is seduction is the vampire hunter’s only weapon. The fact that we can kill vampires with it ought to tell you how powerful our allure is.

VC:  So, can you tell me more about this seduction thing? I mean, is it like a spell? Do you have to have sex with a vampire for it to work, or will a kiss do them in?

Oliver:  All of the above. There’s only one rule in my bed—there are no rules.

VC: Yummy. Everyone loves a bad boy. Tell me, if you had to seduce a woman using just one technique, what would it be?

Oliver:  Seduction begins with the promise of a touch, not the touch itself. A slow tease allows a woman to relax, let her imagination go into overdrive, and send her spiraling out of control to a place where she’s willing to do anything I desire.

VC: Can you give women one bit of advice on how to best seduce a man?

Oliver: Nothing turns a man on like a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell him.

VC: And, what of Zander Vyne? Did you seduce her too?

Oliver:  In a sense. I badgered her until she had no choice but to tell my story. My way.

VC:  So, the slow tease-like nature of this first book in the series was your doing?

Oliver:  Yes. Most stories start out without explaining the origins of their characters. You only see their strength. This is especially true of male “heroes” in vampire novels. It’s important that readers see where I come from, who I was and am, before they’ll believe what I’m going to have to tell them next.

VC:  I guess you wouldn’t give us a sneak peek now?

Oliver:  It’s not a story best told in a peek. You’ll want to read the whole series to know the whole truth. To believe the whole truth.

VC:  To get people started, I understand you have a special offer, just for VampChix fans?

Oliver:  Because I adore the VampChix, despite their fascination with vampires, I talked Zander into offering Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter for free today. VampChix fans can click these special links to get their free download:


No secret stays hidden forever. In a time when people are enthralled by imaginary vampires, real ones hide among us. If you’ve seen one, you’re dead unless you’re a vampire slayer capable of seducing the deadly creatures and freeing their souls.

Betrayed by his legendary slayer family, Oliver Ripley becomes entangled with Miranda Vladula, a fledgling vampire who claims to hold the key to unlocking dark secrets that could free them from their tormented pasts. Together, they follow a twisted trail of mystery and deceit that takes them from Chicago to Paris toward a confrontation that will change everything they thought they knew about their kind.

With no one to trust but each other, they fight their growing, forbidden desires even as they battle for their lives.

IMMORAL is an erotic paranormal romance/thriller for adult readers only.

As a treat for our VampChix readers out there, Amazon will be offering Immoral for a one-day only, free download. 

Zander Vyne is breaking genre stereotypes; her short and long fiction has been published everywhere. Her work has been included in The Best of the Erotica Readers and Writers AssociationRed Scream magazine, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 11 and 12 and many other publications, in print and online. With two short story collections on shelves, she's turning her talents to longer works, authoring novellas and novels.

Next up, look for Red House appearing in The Darker Edge of Desire and Under a Perfect Sun which will be included in Love, Lust, and Zombies. 

Zander enjoys passing on her knowledge and experience with other writers, editing and
ghostwriting their work. She's Editor in Chief at Full Sail Editing and the founder of the Slush Pile group on Facebook, a group dedicated to connecting writers with beta readers. She is currently writing her third novel and embracing the brave new world of self-publishing with her paranormal, erotic thrillers and quirky romance novels.

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