Saturday, October 12, 2013

Zombie Nerf

Everyone is getting in to the zombie apocalypse action, including Nerf, which has recently released a line of weapons that will please fans of all ages, myself included. I'm not receiving any compensation for this post in any way, and I'm strictly in share mode, bringing something to the blog that I think others might enjoy.

My monsters are 11 and 14 respectively, so finding ways to keep connected can be a challenge, but a Nerf war in the house is a surefire way to have fun with the family and not bake in the AZ heat. Once it cools of at night, like it has the last few days, we take our adventures outside and do laser tag, but these zombie themed weapons are wicked cool and make an excellent addition to our arsenal. My personal favs are the squishy zombie bombs that are designed to look like ordinary things a survivor might find, like a flattened football stuffed with dynamite, or an explosive taped to a brick. Highly recommended as a stress reliever...just lob a zombie bomb down the hall and let the fun begin!

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SkyRhino said...

We love Nerf wars.