Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doctor Sleep Review

I finally got a little time to read Stephen King's new novel, Doctor Sleep.

And, I have to say, I ended up loving it...which was such good news, because I was worried that maybe a sequel to The Shining might let me down, just because the first book was SO great, that how could anything live up to it?

In the beginning of the novel, I was still feeling that doubt. Dan Torrance is an alcoholic, just like his dad. He hits rock-bottom, and you see him making poor decisions, and ruining his life. Of course, that's not what I want for this character, so it hurt to watch him destroy himself. But we need to see him this way- facing his demons- the personal, emotional, and sometimes very literal ones. That would drive anyone to drink, and then add in an ability to see and know things that he shouldn't and well...poor little Danny.

But this is the story about Dan's choice to turn his life around, face his problems head on and not only save himself, but allow himself to save others through his gifts. It is very much a story of redemption, and soul-searching, and forgiveness and making peace with whatever life hands you.

We are also introduced to Abra, in this novel, and she is a delightful character. She is possibly the most powerful psychic alive, and only a child. So, naturally, she senses the presence of Dan Torrance, and reaches out to him with her mind. At birth. Yes. Her first psychic connection is made when she is only a few hours old. I told you she was powerful.

The bad guys in the book are part horrible and part comical in a way. Imagine a caravan of elderly tourist-types in RVs...the cameras, the flip-flops and socks combos, the "I saw the biggest ball of twine" bumper stickers, and then imagine if they were vampires. Ridiculous, right? But that's what makes them so successful- they look so unassuming, who would ever suspect them? Then add psychic abilities to all of them, and a penchant for torturing kids and living off of their energy, and you have some reprehensible people who are now coming for little Abra. Yikes.

So, though I had some misgivings at first, I was happier by the middle of the book, and satisfied with the ending. By the time I had read the book and processed it, I felt that everything happened as it should. I still liked Dan Torrance and I admired who he had become. I felt like everything that happened was true to the original character and what he might be like if he grew up. So, it gets a big thumbs-up for me. I am really glad we got to see just where The Shining ultimately ends.

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Elizabeth Barbarick said...

I'm dying to read this book! Thanks for the review, I definitely have to read it as son as possible. <3