Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I, Frankenstein- A Movie About a Comic? Or a Comic About a Movie?

So, this weekend, I went and saw Thor: The Dark World. It was pretty good- one of the funnier Marvel movies I've seen. The action was exciting, and Loki stole every scene he was in, and that's ok by me, cause he is a hottie! Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about though.
I got to see a trailer for a new movie that I'd been hearing some buzz about, and it looked pretty good. The movie is I, Frankenstein.

Here's a description:  "200 years after his shocking creation, Dr. Frankenstein's creature, Adam, still walks the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, Adam discovers he holds the key that could destroy humankind..." Source

I was impressed that they'd gotten some big names to do this film, (Aaron Eckhart, and Bill Nighy for starters) and that one of the writers is the same Kevin Grevioux who also did Underworld. I had also heard that the screenplay was based on a comic- one I had never heard of before- so that really piqued my interest. I decided to find the comic and have a look at what this whole thing was about.

Except...where the heck was it? There was a website with a cover release for the comic, saying January of 2009. Ok, awesome. I'll just find it on Goodreads or Amazon maybe...oh wait. It isn't on either site. Hmmm...where can I buy this? Seemingly nowhere. Well, it says it is published by Darkstorm Comics, so I'll check their website. Coming soon? They don't have a site at all. What the heck? Then I found a cover release for the upcoming graphic novel.
According to the site, the graphic novel will be released alongside the film, which premieres, January 24, 2014. So, is that the release date for this new book? I am not sure. It would seem that Grevioux did a signing of the graphic novel at NYCC, so was it a limited release con exclusive? Or is the dang thing out for sale somewhere? I was getting pretty frustrated.

 Then I found Comic Rocket. And sure enough, they have the 2009 comic, I Frankenstein, which you can read for free. And it really looks almost nothing like what I expected.

The comic seems to be a weird little crime noir with Frank Stein the monster as a hard-boiled detective, solving crimes and preventing the take-over of  Earth by supernatural beings. And apparently, (but probably not surprisingly) it never did well. Don't get me wrong, the comic isn't all bad, it's just a little odd.

Finally, though, I came across an interview with Grevioux that cleared some things up. The movie idea came first, then the comic to illustrate the concepts to the producers. That turned into an actual comic in 2009, that never went far. The idea went on the back-burner for a while, but the director, Stuart Beattie came on to the project and streamlined the story, and things got back on schedule and the movie will be this combination of Grevioux's ideas with Beattie's editing. At least...that's how it appears.

So let me sum up.

1) It's a comic based on a movie idea. The comic is out, and can be read if you can find it. Comic Rocket has it, at least.
2) The movie will be like the comic, but because Beattie changed some things, don't expect it to be exactly like the comic.
3) The graphic novel does not appear to be out. (Unless maybe you were at a con and got an advanced copy.) The graphic novel is believed to be coming out near the movie release, which is January 24.
4) The film looks pretty cool and has some big name actors in it.
Got it? Good.

Why was that so hard to find out?

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