Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm thankful for...and other explanations

Straightaway, I need to explain a couple of things that are very important to me, and perhaps set a few things to right. So while the main goal of this post is to put my gratitudes out into the universe, I'm also taking the time to rant about something that has been infuriating me for weeks now. Yep, I'm kind of a bitch like that. Let's just say that it has to do with balance, good vs. bad, nice vs. naughty. To do so I will provide a bit of backstory:

About 4 years ago, I responded to a post from paranormal romance author, Michele Hauf, about working on her vampire blog to possibly host a book club. This was a big deal for me for 2 reasons 1) I am insanely shy and 2) Michele is an author that I have read and enjoyed since Dark Rapture, which I believe was originally published in like 1995. My mum bought me a copy and after reading about Sebastian and Scarlet I became a lifelong vampire romance fan. So I broke free from my comfort zone and Bite Club was created. Eventually we merged the 2 sites and then later Michele turned VampChix over to me, but I will forever be grateful that she gave me this opportunity.

*Item #1 that I am thankful for this year definitely needs to be Michele! We've never met in person, but I consider her to be a fantastic friend and a wonderful author that continuously impresses me with the work that she does to bring more of her Beautiful Creatures into our lives. This site stems from her creativity and I work very hard to make her proud. 

*Item #1 that I want to clear up has to do with that very same work ethic. So here's the problem with being a blogger: sometimes real life gets in the way. It absolutely cannot be helped. Blogs are a lot of work. Period. Full stop. It takes so many hours in front of the computer scouring for books, movies, shows, music, comics, and articles that might be interesting to share. Blogs are always a work in progress and all the work that we do is for free. Yes, I get books for review, but no monetary compensation has ever occured. The reviews that I do for authors are 100% my honest impressions and I try to share them with their publishers, as well as on Goodreads.

So when life gets in the way I try my best to keep up with the mountain of books in my house that I've agreed to review, and even when I haven't agreed I try my best to review all books that find their way to my house, however, sometimes things get delayed. I enjoy working with authors to spread the word about their pride and joy. Until I don't. I'm not going to bitch about the specifics of that statement because I am sure the authors responsible know exactly how they choose to treat bloggers, but suffice it to say that being ugly about the time it takes to get a review posted will not help your cause. If something is late then something big must have happened.

*Which leads me directly to Item #2 that I am thankful for this year which without a doubt has to be Angie! About 3 weeks ago I had spinal surgery (yuck) and without Angie this blog would have sat empty until this horrendous recovery period was over. She has taken time away from her own blog and her own life to find and share interesting content with us. Since she first stepped onboard at VampChix her willingness to accept extra tasks, like managing Twitter (!!!!), has been extraordinary. I feel like her voice has been exactly the sort of thing we needed to grow, and the addition of her Dr. Who and graphic novels are very welcome indeed. I thank my lucky stars that the universe put us together and that I have the chance to work with her. Thank you, Angie! You rock! I owe you a lunch, or twenty:)

*Item #2 that needs to be cleared up has to do with the mountain of review books that is slowly threatening to take over my living space. If I agreed to review for you I promise that I will eventually get to your book. I'm not currently taking many new books so that I can catch up on the ones I already have. This surgery was done after months of serious pain but I was taken off guard by the actual recovery because reading is really difficult right now! I'm mostly lying flat on my back and sitting is very uncomfortable still, aside from the fact that I sleep a lot because of pain meds. And to be honest, I wouldn't want to read and review while my brain is so muddled, that doesn't seem fair somehow.

So here's the deal, today is the first post I've made since surgery and I'm hopeful that this means I can start blogging again. I'm a few weeks behind but all reviews should be done by year's end and I will do my best to reach out to those authors affected by my backlog. Patience is greatly appreciated.

*Last but definitely not least, Item #3 that I am thankful for is my friend, Jenny and all her amazing YA/kid/NA reviews! This is an important subgenre for me because I have children that I want to encourage, and reading is so important. Jenny shares all the many books she reads and allows me to crosspost them from her own blog. Plus, she makes me muffins when I bring her books to read:) You're awesomesauce, Jenny!

*Item #4 on the gratitude list is all the readers that stop by VampChix! You guys are the best! 

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