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Review: Shadow's Curse

Shadow's Curse
Alexa Egan
Release date: October 2013
5 star paranormal romance

Book description:

Can desire’s magic defeat the powers of darkness?
Forced by her half-brother to use her dark gift of necromancy for profit, lovely Callista Hawthorne is determined to flee to her one chance for safety, her aunt in Scotland. With no hope of success unless she finds help on the long road north, she offers cursed shape-changer David St. Leger an irresistible bargain.

David—one of the mysterious Imnada—stalks the night streets of Regency London as a large, black wolf. Renounced by his own kind, he spends his desperate rage on thieves and murderers. While Callista offers him escape from the terrible enchantment binding him, agreeing to her terms will force him into the treacherous world of the half-Fey Other, his clan’s ancient foes.

Drawn together by danger, David and Callista find passion in each other’s arms. But can they foreswear the centuries of enmity separating their two races, and find a love they dare not even imagine?


David St. Leger is part of the powerful Imnada clan, shifting into a wolf each night as part of the Fey curse that has also seen him banished from his kind, left on his own while hunted by those that would see him dead. He used to be a soldier,the type that always had a problem taking orders while still remaining loyal and dedicated to his cause, only this time he's withdrawn from his friends, especially the men that were cursed along side him. Now, David is known throughout London as a gorgeous rake that seduces women of all types, never taking anything too seriously. Of course, that is the facade that he uses to hide his anguish over the war and the way he deals with his impending death, for the curse is slowly killing him and he doesn't want anyone to know.

Callista Hawthorne has been held captive by her unforgiving brother, forced to use her Fey heritage as a necromancer to deceive the brokenhearted and weary, walking with death to see their future. Her brother has sold her off to Victor Corey, the ruthless and much feared underground Kingpin that has riches and power beyond many of the nobility, all gained thru blackmail, murder, and any other nefarious means available at the moment. She vows to avoid this unwanted fate by running away to her mother's unknown family in Scotland where she can then learn more about her gifts. Her escape cannot succeed without help so she convinces David, who at the time was also being held by Corey, to act as an escort. Despite the feud that has stood between the Imnada and the Fey for centuries, he agrees, never expecting that Callista will change his destiny.

This series is one of my personal favorites, not only for the rich lore surrounding the history of  Imnada and Fey, which is richly built and woven into each new book, but for the exquisitely beautiful romances that Alexa Egan creates between otherwise doomed and star crossed lovers. The hardships each couple must overcome to be together, in some cases defying death and remaking fate, expertly mix romance with suspense to create a story that will break your heart before eventually putting all the pieces back together again.

David and Callista quickly became my favorite couple because I admired the strength and determination they shared, even if David didn't realize his capacity for love until it was almost too late. Callista braves the paths into death knowing she could easily be lost forever which demonstrates that despite being held captive by her obnoxious, self serving brother she is no shrinking violet. At one point in the story she makes a decision that absolutely shocked me with its boldness and finality, completely twisting everything I thought was playing out into something I never would have imagined. I love when an author can do that! David is an equally strong man, worthy of so much more than he dreams, very complicated and complex because he believes that he deserves the punishment of his curse, yet he uses his wolf to help others which is in direct contrast to his scandalous reputation. When he sets out to help Callista he takes that first step towards changing his fate. Their romance is breathtaking and sweet, filled with a passion that burns bright and incredibly hot. Shadow's Curse is on my Top 10 for the year and I highly recommend Alexa Egan to any reader looking for a unique paranormal romance that has historical elements along with exciting suspense.

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Anna Dougherty
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