Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon- Graphic Novel, NEW RELEASE!

Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon Vol.2
By Leah Moore and John Reppion
Illustrated by Matt Triano
Release Date: November 12th, 2013

Book Description:
"With mauled bodies appearing on Liverpool streets, rumors circulate that the culprit might be an inhuman monster known as Spring Heeled Jack. Determined to debunk the city's superstitions, Holmes delves into the criminal underworld, piecing together an intricate and deadly puzzle. Meanwhile, Dr. Watson witnesses the creature with his own eyes, and sets out alone in pursuit. Will Holmes be able to save his dear friend from the perils beneath Liverpool?

This volume collects issues 1-5 of Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon." 

Angie's Review:
 If you enjoy a good Sherlock Holmes mystery, then this won't disappoint!
This is an original creation by Moore and Reppion, but the details were well researched to fit this tale into Holmes and Watson's timelines and stay true to the lives of Arthur Conan Doyle's creations.

All of the twists and turns you expect in a Sherlock Holmes story are there, but this volume is a bit grittier than the first. Expect lots of action and brawling, and a fair amount of blood.
The artwork is again well-suited to the story. There's nothing really new or exceptional about the style, but I don't think anything very modern or overly artsy would have felt right for this work. It's a traditional story, and the artwork needs to fit. And it does.

I have to say, I'm impressed. It's not easy to follow in the footsteps of Arthur Conan Doyle, but I think the writers have done a fantastic job.

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