Friday, November 8, 2013

The Bean- Fantasy Webcomic & Graphic Novels

The Bean: Riddles & Shrooms, Volume 1, by Travis Hanson

Book Description:

"In a little inn, deep in the heart of Darkleaf forest, works a young dishwasher named Bean. While on an errand for shrooms, Bean is kidnapped by a chaotic troll and ends up finding a very special sword that needs to be healed. So his adventure begins- one that will be filled with danger, adventure and the realization that he is the one that controls his destiny and no one else.

So come and join our epic adventure of a dishwasher..."

Angie's Review:

Young Bean is working for trolls as a dishwasher at The Silver Dagger. His father apparently has sold him into this servitude, and his boss, Gort is not the easiest troll to get along with. Groggle, the cook, is a kinder troll, but he asks Bean for a favor- go into the wood and bring back some mushrooms. Simple enough. But a little shroom-hunt is about to propel Bean into an adventure he never expected.

Things aren't going to be simple for Bean. He has to find a sword, and heal a spirit and survive dangers at every turn. There are goblins on the loose and a Beast King is preparing for war. What can one small boy do against all of this? Hopefully, the sword of Ganadon can guide him to his destiny.
This was a Tucson Comicon find for me. I got to meet Travis Hanson at his booth there, and picked up the first of his comic series. The story is a neat little fantasy, that is suitable for children and adults. The drawings inside are very detailed, black and white inks. The style reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes a bit...and some of his other artwork for sale did as well. I think it is because the focus is often a child with imaginative things going on around him. That seems to be a theme with Hanson.
See what I mean? And for the record...flying whales= very cool.

So, this was a groovy find at Comicon. Captivating story, good illustration, and very imaginative work.
You can find his books, artwork and other things for sale, here at Bean Leaf Press.

And did I mention you can also read all of the comics online? Yep. The Bean is a webcomic too.
So go check it out!

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