Monday, December 16, 2013

Alligators in the Sewers and Krampusnacht

I'm talking about Grimm, of course. On Friday, there was a two-part, two hour special for the show. The first episode, Cold Blooded, featured the urban-mythical alligators in the sewers, while the second half brought to life our favorite holiday beastie- the Krampus, in Twelve Days of Krampus.

What is a Krampus, you ask? Apparently, he's the guy who enforces that whole naughty list thing with a bit more than coal in your stocking. Try being hit with a birch switch, stuffed into a basket and dragged screaming to hell. Dang. No wonder people dropped that precious little holiday story. It probably made children act pretty polite, but all of the bed-wetting was just too much of a hassle.
Learn more about Krampus.

If you had things to do this weekend that kept you from geeking out for a couple of for instance, attending a squadron Christmas party, then you might have missed it. But, guess what? has the full episodes available on their website until the 18th, so you can catch up. So watch it now. Right here.
Then the season will pick back up on January 3rd.

Happy viewing, and maybe try to stay on the nice know...just in case.

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