Monday, December 23, 2013

Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailers

2 MORE DAYS! Oh, and Christmas also, of course.
 And then it's the beginning of a whole new era for the Doctor- the Peter Capaldi era. Excited? Sad? Ambivalent? I'm...hopeful. He's a great actor, and a long-time Whovian, so I expect good things.

But first, there's this whole regeneration thing to deal with and loads of questions from Matt Smith's timeline to wrap up. I'm excited. So here are the trailers:

The newest, longer trailer

And the first one.

An hour before the Christmas special, (8pm ET, for us Americans) there will be a new show called Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith. The description, from BBC America:
"Bid the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, a fond farewell in this hour long retrospective documentary special about Doctor Who Series five, six and seven. Featuring highlights with the man himself, his castmates, writers, producers and celebrity Whovians."

Then, remember to tune in for The Time of the Doctor, on Christmas evening- UK=BBC1 at 7:30pm
USA= BBC America 9:00 pm ET

Happy Who-lidays to you all.

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