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Feral Warriors guest reviews

I love hearing from other readers, especially when the topic of discussion is books, because who doesn't love books, right? So when I discovered that a fellow soccer mom loved the Feral Warriors as much as I did it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get her feedback on the series so far. It's always fun to get a new perspective so I gave her the series to re-read the first couple and catch up on the latter ones, and then I asked her to write up a few sentences about what she loved best in each book. 

Before we begin I should probably get introductions out of the way so... Readers meet Kelly, our guest reviewer for this little reading adventure. Kelly, meet the VampChix readers, a group of dedicated paranormal readers that are all awesome and fun. ~Anna

Here's what Kelly has to say:

Desire Untamed:

I loved this book and thought it was a great start to an exciting series. In the beginning Lion made me angry and frustrated. Then, by the end of the book I was truly in love with him. Talk about a change of heart! Kara made me want to stand up and say, "Hey! This isnt fair!" because she dealt with so much. I could really feel for her, but she takes it like a real woman and comes out triumphant. I truly read this book within a day, it was just so good.I couldn't put it down. Love how Pamela Palmer makes you truly feel like you're there experiencing the events firsthand. What a great start to a new series! Can't wait to read the next book!

 Obsession Untamed:

It is really nice how the author rolls right into the next book. It flows so well and you don't miss a single beat. Delaney is such a strong purpose driven woman, willing to do whatever it takes to get the bad guy. She does it in this story so she ends up growing as a person, turning out different yet the same in the end. If that makes sense? Tighe is such a hero! The great part is that he doesn't realize it. He falls in love with the so-called wrong girl who ends up making it all good in the end. What a great action-packed and true-love story!

Passion Untamed:

OK, I know she is the enemy and all, but I still wanted to be Skye's BFF. This woman (Skye) is so strong and enduring you can't help but wish you had her in your life, and at the same time, you really feel for her situation. It makes me think of how many women out there who might be with the wrong guy and just need a break. Well, Skye makes her own breaks and meets the exciting, beautiful panther that is a true hero in all ways. This was a sexy story with great twists and turns that makes you forget about everything else but flipping the page.

Rapture Untamed:

Wow! I just have to say, Wow! This is my favorite book yet! Jag is so oh-my-God sexy and Olivia is that take-no-crap kind of girl. Jag does a complete turn around from being the biggest jerk on the face of the earth to being a really great guy. Olivia finally learns to trust him with her secrets, learning that it isn't always so bad to face those demons and fears within our own lives. Jag learns to let go and let love rule you (for once). Together they become an amazing team, fighting evil and trusting in love. A really great book!

Hunger Untamed:

I was truly sad that it took Kougar and Ariana so long to realize love really does conquer all. The phrase,"Let it go and if it comes back..."comes to mind with this book. They fight so hard that it was nice to see the happy ending for them. An exciting and very sexy book!

Ecstasy Untamed:

To me, this was a triumph of the spirit kind of story. Faith is a loving, giving, sacrificial, unselfish kind of woman who is always taking care of others, and in a way forgetting herself. She just needs to belong and feel wanted. Hawk is a strong, independent man that struggles with his past (and his true self). He's a man that needs to learn to trust the beast inside, and not try to control all that is around him. With Faith he learns those lessons, and eventually comes trust her,  his love for her,  and even, himself. When these two get together even I (married 17 years) blushes over the scorching hot love affair. This is a truly beautiful story telling the story of  following your heart and finding the strength within to trust!

A Love Untamed:

A truly wonderful story of how we can so easily allow ourselves to think the worst of someone and yet those opinions were never based on truth.This is a true redemption story with twist and turns that are crazy and scary!

I have to be honest with you, I stared to really not like Melisande in the first book she made an appearance in, which I believe was Hunger Untamed. She is a true B word throughout the series, and makes you want to claw her eyes out just being around. By the end of the book you realize what a strong, amazing woman she is, and she so deserves to have the strong,absolutely adorable fox trying to get her attention. Melisande deserves that type of hero that knows he is beautiful yet truly only has eyes (and heart) for her. This was a great story about love, trust, forgiveness of oneself, and the ability to learn about the powers of laughter and love. We are all meant to find love and be exactly who you were created to be.

So let's recap:

I really enjoyed this series because it was action packed, sexy, and always exciting! It's sad that the series has to end because I want to know more about the new ferals, like Griss and Leopard. Plus, I'm wanting to know what happens with Wulfe and if Satanan gets defeated and thrown back to hell. I'm really looking forward to reading Wulfe Untamed at the end of the month. Thank you, Pamela Palmer for being such a great writer. You have me hooked on your books!

I'll be posting a guest review of Wulfe Untamed soon so stay tuned. ~A

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