Friday, January 3, 2014

Ghosted: Volume 1

Ghosted, Volume 1: Haunted Heist, by Joshua Williamson, artwork by Goran Sudzuka

Book Description:

"Jackson T. Winters is one of the greatest criminal masterminds to ever live…except he’s rotting in jail after his last doomed score. But when a filthy rich collector breaks Winters out, he’s tasked to put together an elite team of paranormal experts to do the impossible: steal a ghost from a haunted house of horrors!"

Angie's Review:
This one misses the mark for me a little. The artwork is fine. The story leaves something to be desired, though. The basic premise seemed flawed. An obscenely rich old man, Markus Schrecken,  breaks master thief, Jackson Winters, out of prison so he can send him on a ghost-stealing mission. Ok. I mean, if the thief had ever stolen ghosts before or had a knack for dealing with paranormal objects that would make sense. But he doesn't. He has just been possessed by a ghost once. So, hmmm. Then you find out that the old rich guy had cursed the haunted house that he wants Jackson to steal a ghost from. Ok. In order to continue this curse, he needs one of the ghosts, because the house is scheduled for demolition. So, why didn't he just buy the house? Or bribe some city officials to you know...NOT build a mini-mall there? No, no. Breaking a man out of prison, giving him a team of ghost-hunters and sending him into a haunted house to be a Ghostbuster and then paying said thief a huge amount of cash to go away seems like the more logical choice.

 My other big complaint was that the main character is just so misogynistic. I mean, comics are a boys' game for the most part, I get that. They aren't really marketed at me, per se, but Jackson is just so unappealing. I am not rooting for him at all. He's an ass to women, he doesn't really care about his friends, and the only thing he actually seems to be good at is back-stabbing people. So why do I care if he wins? Short answer- I don't.

And that is disappointing, because the basic premise- a thief on a mission to steal a ghost- sounds right up my alley. And the artwork really is nice. The art is the real reason to like this comic.  But if they want me to keep reading, they really need to have Jackson's character become a better person somehow. This story arc didn't accomplish that. And I want to see a story that makes more sense. I know it's a horror comic, so you should suspend disbelief a little, but the character's motivations have to seem logical. And this seemed like a ridiculous solution to Schrecken's problem.

So for this volume, I would give it 3 stars. And I will probably flip through future issues to see if it gets better.

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