Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jenny's review: Autumn Rose A Dark Heroine Novel


The highly anticipated sequel to Dinner with a Vampire

Autumn Rose has the chance to save the world she loves. But how much will she have to sacrifice to achieve it?

In Autumn Rose, book two of her breathtaking series, Abigail Gibbs draws us even further into the dangerous and romantic world of the Dark Heroines.


Autumn is a Sage, many people fear her, and a lot of them don’t particularly like her either. She attends school and her job is to keep those humans safe, even if they don’t like her. On the first day of the year a new Sage appears, Prince Fallon. Autumn is not thrilled that he is there, and is annoyed that he came, she knows that he and his royal group know what happened to her grandmother that was murdered and they won’t tell her.  Autumn is still dealing with the depression that has sunk in after loosing her grandmother, and trying to understand why she is having visions, so when Prince Fallon outs her royal status at school she is furious. What Autumn hasn’t figured out yet is that she is an important part to the world, and she is going to have to step up big time in the fight against the Extermino.   

Spoiler alert.... She will find out a lot about herself, fall in love with Prince Fallon, and help rescue the missing Victoria Lee in this exciting novel.

    I really enjoyed this book.  It had a lot of excitement and high school type drama in it.  The girl doesn’t like the boy and then they end up together, but he lies to her, and she forgives him, because she finds out the truth about herself.  Classic romance with magical powers too!  I did not read the first in the series Dinner With a Vampire, and this book was a able to be stand alone, but I think that to understand the back story it would be important to read that one first.  I searched and read some reviews of it so that I sort of knew what happened.  I did like the writing style of this book, but felt that some rarely used curse words, and sex type conversations were unneeded in the book as a whole, if marketed at young adults. Overall great read and I am interested to see the next book in the series.

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