Monday, March 31, 2014

Do you know this book?

Got a head scratcher for you all!  A reader sent in this summary of a book he recalls reading (probably before 1983, he notes) and he needs to know the title.  Sound familiar to anyone?

 From what I can recall this it involved some sort of good vs. evil characters.
The good characters had a base that had a tunnel with some sort of light that would kill a vampire before the door would open.
They used swords to fight.
There was some sort of magic; I seem to recall someone reading books searching for the perfect "word of power" or some such thing.
I think there where four people on the good team?

But the most distinctive thing was the tunnel leading to the safe room that was designed to be a defense against infiltration of the safe room.

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Dan Hayden said...

Michele I appreciate the post. I will keep searching for the book. One of the side projects the mind takes on every once in awhile to distract it. :)

Thank you.