Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Geddy's Moon- First Book for John Mulhall

Geddy's Moon, by John Mulhall

Book Description:

"Tyler is an amnesiac, drifting aimlessly across the country, struggling to regain his lost memories. When he arrives in Geddy’s Moon, a sleepy town in the middle of the Kansas wheat fields, fragments of his past begin to resurface. But as he establishes new relationships in town, and spends time with the local librarian and her son, he finds himself tormented by nightmares that grow more unsettling each night. What horrific events took place before Tyler arrived in Geddy’s Moon? And could he have brought a terrifying – and possibly supernatural – danger along with him? As the pieces of his fractured memory begin to fall into place, he fears that it may already be too late to keep himself, and those he’s begun to care about, safe from a vicious evil."

Angie's Review:

 This is the first novel for author John Mulhall, and it is quite impressive. Geddy's Moon follows a man named "Tyler," who has lost his memory and yet, knows that something terrible is behind him. Plagued by nightmares, he searches for the answers- who is he, how did he come to this small town in Kansas, and what are the meanings of his terrible dreams.
But the book is more than just "Tyler's" story. In the past, we meet three young boys who encounter a monster that they have only ever seen in horror movies. Somehow they must defeat this creature before their lives and their families are consumed. Aided by the mysterious, Simon, a beast that appears to them in dreams, they will take on an evil older than they can even imagine.
And then there's Tuck. He has been searching his whole life for a creature that he believes is more than just fantasy. Working with secretive government agencies, he is finally in possession of a piece of a skeleton, and he is vindicated for all of his years of research and patience. But he and the agencies he works for are in over their heads, and they don't know just how sorry they will be that they found the skull of Seth Devon.

I highly recommend this. It was every bit as fun and entertaining and well-written as any Dean Koontz or even Stephen King novel. If you like horror, I think you'll like this. The monster- Seth- is truly terrifying, the mysterious Simon character added intrigue to the story. The action arcs over a long time period- starting in the 1980s and into modern day, but also sets a back-story for the monster and Simon that takes us back to ancient England of 1137, and builds to a super-exciting climax in the wheat fields of Kansas, 2008. Because of this, the book feels epic in scope; transforming a mere story about one man versus a monster into a story about what does it mean to be monstrous.

I give it 5 stars, and I hope to see more from this author soon.

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