Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sonora- A Comic That Kids Can Get Into

One of the really awesome things about taking my daughter to Comicons, is that I got to share my love of all things nerdy with her. And she in turn, found things that she loved and she has shared them with me. 

Sonora is the first comic my daughter really got into. The story centers around a kitten, named Three, with supernatural powers. He's like a fluffy superhero. So of course, it appeals to young girls who also like action and adventure. But I think boys would love it too.
Three is affected by an explosion at a nearby military installation that leaves his mother dead, and himself with abilities he does not understand. Three is struggling to control his new-found powers and he was not the only animal affected. Three's companion is the feisty, desert rat, Lope, who can use his tail to fly. And his enemy is a man named Russell, who merged with an eagle in the explosion to become one creature that can now shape-shift and is mad with the destructive desire.

The comics are not likely to be found in a store, though. They can, however,  be purchased via the writer's website, Bleating Goat Comics :
Additionally, the writer is often at comic conventions throughout Arizona.

Sonora #1, by Mike Kessler and Erin Taylor, Comic Description:

"Follow the adventures of Three, a domestic tabby in the Arizona desert with extraordinary abilities. In this premiere issue, witness the transformation and tragic events that cause Three and other indigenous wildlife, to develop incredible skills, making them the premiere examples of their species, for good or ill."

Sonora #2, Comic Description:

"Having survived the catastrophic destruction of his home, and crawled across the Arizona desert, Three is picked up and cared for by a young girl and her father in Phoenix.

In this issue, Three learns of his new abilities, but so do some of the more vicious and primal creatures struck by the MEDIC blast."

Sonora #3, Comic Description:

"The story progresses as Three and Lope confront the responsibilities they have to serve a greater good.Meanwhile, Russell Watts continues to have his predatory nature enhanced by the golden eagle merged with him. And a new batch of characters are introduced. But what role will they play?"

Sonora #4, Comic Description:

"Forces clash in the fourth installment of Sonora when Three and Lope witness a brutal act of violence. While they've honed their skills around town with bullies and beasts, they've not yet faced something powered by the same force that made them what they are."

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