Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wanted: a few good reviewers/bloggers

Morning all,

I've been doing some serious thinking, a dangerous, yet necessary past time when trying to stay organized and motivated to blog and review. Keeping VampChix current and exciting is definitely a priority for me, yet between homeschooling my middle schooler (such a long story on that one), recovering from back surgery (not exactly going as planned) and reviewing for RT (my wonderful escape) I feel like I've been slacking big-time. Spring is blooming all around us so it's the perfect time to make some changes and additions!

First, I'm looking for recommendations for someone that can help me update the blog's look, updating the header, creating some widgets, and generally helping this technology-phobic old lady (that's me) give VampChix a whole new look! I have a pretty clear vision of what I want the blog to look like and now I just need some help getting there. The hitch in this design redo is that it can't cost too much. Feel free to email me if you, or somebody you know, would be interested in taking on a project.

Secondly, paranormal and horror themed shows are all over network and cable/satellite programming these days, not to mention the superheroes, and I would love to have some guest reviewers on board to recap weekly episodes and/or provide entertaining insight into some of these amazing shows. Right now, my DVR works overtime trying to record the last few episodes of Being Human, Bitten, Supernatural, Believe, Dr. Who, Resurrection, Helix, American Horror Story, Arrow, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I am woefully behind on episodes of Lost Girl, and I hang my head in shame to admit that I've only watched one season of Walking Dead. Seriously, I have enough recorded TV to watch until the apocalypse with absolutely zero time available to do episode recaps. If you would be interested in posting about your favorite show, fitting within the parameters of the blog, send me an email! I'd love to hear your ideas!

My goal is to get at least 3-5 shows featured on a regular basis, eventually adding more movies to the mix as well. I'm not too worried about having professionals for reviewing so don't let that stop you from inquiring. We are looking for people that are as nerdy and passionate about this stuff as we are!

I appreciate you all stopping by VampChix and I thank you for being patient as I work on updating. ~Anna

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