Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcome to Gotham

Is anybody else as excited as I am about this? I'll readily admit that I'm not usually one for shows aimed at the young crowd, because honestly, I'm kinda far removed from that age group, but I loved Smallville, I love Arrow (although it took about half a season to really get into the show), and I'm hopeful for Flash next season. However, it's Gotham that has my full attention because Batman is my personal favorite and Gotham has so many excellent stories to tell. This has so much potential, especially since we are getting this from Commissioner Gordon's POV with Bruce Wayne being a kid and all. The creators have an opportunity to give us the origin of each Gotham character beyond what we currently know from the movies. I'm so stoked!

Of course, we're dealing with DC here and they have been known to jack things up in the past (Batman Forever, anyone?) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they get this right.

The Nerdist has great coverage...check it out! What do you think of Selina Kyle? Young Master Bruce?

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