Saturday, April 12, 2014

If You Aren't Watching These Shows, You Should Be!

What's good on TV right now? Quite a lot, actually. This is just a wrap-up of some of MY favorites. But I can't watch everything, though. There aren't enough hours in the day! So, I'd be happy to hear about any other things you think are noteworthy as well.
Spoilers possible- Beware

First there's Grimm, which is in the middle of their third season. Monroe and Rosalee are engaged, and Nick is set to be the best man, but he worries that the guests might get just a little...unruly?...if they find out he's a grimm. He isn't real keen on the idea of slaughtering the wedding guests in self-defense, so their big idea is to have him wear sunglasses, so that the wesen can't see his eyes. Hmmm...I don't think he's going to get away that easy.
Another cool thing this season- Adalind has had her baby, and dang...the little thing is just so darn powerful. The baby can cause a little earthquake just because it's hungry? What are the "terrible twos" going to look like? Yikes!

Next on my list is Bates Motel. This series tells the story of Norman's teen years, and provides the answers to why he becomes the little "Psycho" that he does. And man, is this season shocking! We found out last season that mom, Norma, had a brother who used to force her to have sex with him. And we knew that her relationship with her oldest son, Dylan, was strained, but we didn't know why. The big reveal so far in this season, is that Norma's brother, is the father of Dylan. So, he's his Uncle-Father...Father-Uncle...just eeeww. Naturally, he freaks out.
And speaking of freaking out, Norman is getting more and more disconnected from reality. I expected him to kill his uncle actually, when all of this came out, but instead he had a psychotic episode and accused his uncle of raping him when he was a little girl. Wait, what? Yeah. Norman has "flashbacks" of being his own mother. Ummm...creeeeepy!

Then, I am loving Vikings. Ragnar is having those sons he wanted so badly with his new wife, and Lagertha and Bjorn have been living with her new husband, Jarl Sigvard, who is as a major-league a-hole.( But he gets his in the end, so it's all good.) Ragnar has been having problems with Jarl Borg. First Borg sacks Ragnar's village, then Ragnar drives him off, then King Horik tells them they have to work together because he really wants to keep raiding England...these guys have such a complicated relationship. But the really big thing this season (literally) is Bjorn. The oldest son of Ragnar grew up and dang...he is turning into a little hottie. But what else can you expect- the boy is destined to become the legendary Bjorn Ironside, so it's not like they could make his character into a skinny wimp or something.

The Walking Dead  just wrapped up an exciting season,  but I am not going to discuss that one too much because I am still not even caught up all the way yet! Gah! I have a backlog in my DVR, and my family wants to watch them together, so I have to wait for days when we are all in one place. Like I said, not enough hours in the day for all of the good TV out there. So for now, I am trying to avoid spoilers until I finish this one up.


And Game of Thrones is finally back! Dany's dragons are getting bigger and very feisty, Arya and the Hound are teaming up to take out bad guys, but they aren't exactly friends, either.  Tyrion is dealing with the guests coming in for Joffrey's wedding and we meet a new character- Oberyn Martell. He doesn't seem like a real nice guy, but he hates Joffrey and all Lannisters, so...the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I guess.  Jon Snow manages to convince the Night's Watch to prepare for attack and not kill him for breaking his vows, and Jaimie Lannister has a fancy new gold arm. So excited for more episodes!

My next show is brand new- Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge. I have been enjoying Face Off, for several seasons now, and SyFy added a new, similar show this year that challenged contestants to create special-effects critters worthy of Jim Henson's studios. And the winner will get a 1 year contract to actually work for Jim Henson's Creature Shop. That is a dream job. No kidding. So, the contestants are all pretty impressive skill-wise. In order to make these things you need to know sculpting, painting, robotics, fabrication, puppet-making, and have a sense of how something will look on screen. It's very demanding. I am totally fascinated by what they are able to create each week. On the last episode, each team had to create a Skeksis, from The Dark Crystal. That is one of my favorite movies ever, and it was soooo cool to see them make new takes on some of my favorite movie creatures.

And while we're discussing non-fiction, my very very favorite thing on TV right now is Neil DeGrasse Tyson's new show, Cosmos. I LOVED Carl Sagan, and the original series, and I have to say Tyson has knocked it out of the park with this continuation. I actually teared up a bit when he said the classic line- "We are made of star stuff." This show reminds me why the universe is so dang amazing, and I have learned things I legitimately always wanted to know. Like for instance, on the last episode- they explained why scientists can determine the composition of atmospheres on other planets. It is by analyzing the spectrum of light that it emits and looking at the "code" written into beams of light, emitted by different elements. That is amazing! And I never knew just how they did that! What is best about this show, is my 14 year old is completely engrossed in it. It is furthering her interest in science. When she learned that she has to take physics in Freshman year, her response was "Yes! Physics is awesome!" And my little mom-heart just about burst with pride. Thanks, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

So, what do you think I left out? Tell me what shows are filling up your DVR right now.


Anna (Bite Club) said...

We could practically share our DVR's! Grimm is a favorite around here, and I'm incredibly excited to what happens next with Adalind and the royals. However, I would like to see maybe a few more monster of the week type episodes just because they are cool and I miss Monroe helping out. His arc this season has been mostly about his personal life.

Apparently I missed the season 2 premiere of Bates Motel (just found out last night in fact) so I need to catch up on that.

My mother has been after me to watch Vikings so I plan on starting that in a few weeks once my usual shows go into their respective summer breaks.

Walking Dead is a no for me only because I truly can't handle zombies. I loved the first season though!

Sadly, we don't have HBO anymore (I'll explain that in a sec) so GoT has to wait:( Why don't I have HBO? Well, I've been looking forward to watching Penny Dreadful for ages now so I had to switch to Showtime. Maybe next month I'll start doing recaps for that.

I'm also looking forward to Falling Skies starting back up again, and I am finally able to finish Orphan Black here pretty soon so season 2 is already set to record. oh, and I am going to try that new show Salem.

Yes, I am a TV junkie:)

Anna (Bite Club) said...
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Anna (Bite Club) said...

We've also been watching Cosmos as a family and the show is absolutely amazing!

SkyRhino said...

It's hard NOT to be a TV junkie when they put good shows on!

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