Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just some stuff about Captain America: The Winter Soldier

*You can't really say too much about the movie since the entire plot is heavy on the spoilers, but I can say that Chris Evans does the tortured hero so well, and this movie had quite a few emotional moments, combining nicely with the amazing action sequences. Honestly, I could watch them fight all day long, and at some points during the film I am pretty sure that I had a dreamy smile on my face, especially the scenes with Winter Soldier stalking around *sigh* My advice, go see the movie before the dratted internet spoils it for you!

*The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting article about how the changes seen in Capt. America will affect the show, Marvel Agents of SHIELD, which like all articles surrounding superhero movies or shows tell us absolutely nothing and everything all at once. It's all about the hype and the speculation. Personally, I enjoy how they work to keep the timeline and the universe accurate, but I know that many die hards out there do not because they don't watch the show, or they hate how they connect. These are the same people that hate cuddly kittens and sparkly rainbows, the ones that complain about every damn thing just so they can hear themselves. It's not that I feel particularly strongly about the show and the movie intertwining, it works but not in a necessary for survival way, but I do feel strongly that not everything gets to be a conspiracy theory, and the Marvel haters are kind of like that, which annoys me.

*The Winter Soldier is completely cool and knows how to bring it in a knife fight. Sebastian Stan (as an actor) is like a chameleon, looking friendly and attractive, if slightly bonkers, as the Mad Hatter on Once Upon A Time, and then he changes drastically into this badass assassin for his role as Winter Soldier. I love the intensity he brings to the movie, while at the same time he still has a soul behind the cold, dead excellent villain we love to hate. You can read more about him over at IMDb.

Thoughts on the movie? Conspiracy theories regarding superheroes you'd like to share with the class?

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SkyRhino said...

I have a theory I want to share. Ok- at the end of the Avengers movie, they show Thanos, but recently Joss Whedon said that it was a mistake to think that the next Avengers movie would revolve around him as the bad guy, which makes sense since it is called The Age of Ultron, so...duh. Ultron should be the baddie. But, they are coming out with the Guardians of the Galaxy soon, and Thanos is involved in that storyline. In fact, in the Thanos Imperative, the Guardians actually team up with the Avengers to bring him down. So...Avengers 3? A crossover Guardians-Avengers movie?? Seems possible.
But yeah, it could all be just to drum up interest and exactly these kind of conspiracy theories. I think it's fun to speculate though.