Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quickie chat about Salem

As with most new shows I find that the first episode doesn't ever live up to the hype, and this was no exception. That doesn't mean I won't watch anymore, but it does remind me that I need to reserve judgement until I'm a few shows in, otherwise I risk missing out on a really good paranormal program. After browsing the internet for awhile it seems obvious that the ratings for WGN were good but the reviews were mixed.

Is Salem going to be the new American Horror Story, which draws me in each season with masterful plot twits and incredible characters while continuing to horrify with fascinating scenes of blood and death? Or are we looking at the another Witches of East End, a show that was more beautiful people acting magical while having sex and keeping secrets that I could care less about and little to do with powerful witches that lead interesting lives?



SkyRhino said...

My big issue with this so far, is that they made a big deal of saying, "Oh we did so much research and we are showing you a very accurate look at Salem, while bringing a fanciful twist on the story." Ok. So, what I assumed I'd get was accuracy in costuming, set design, etc. with a horror story that is just "based" on what actually happened. The reality of it is the costumes are not even close to accurate. These people shunned buttons, lace, etc as extravagant and vain, and yet I am seeing low cut blouses. They sexed up Puritans. Which makes for better TV, I'm sure- but don't tell me it's accurate then or I am going to think you didn't read much history.
Other than that, it might still be good as just a horror fiction show. We shall see.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

We kept getting caught up on that too! Sadly, I expected the costume changes because sex sells and every show wants to have solid viewership numbers, but to say they did so much research and still did that seems like poor judgement. They also used the term country at least 3 times (that I can remember) and the United States wasn't really a country at the time!

As you said, "We shall see."