Monday, May 12, 2014

Penny for your thoughts

I'm absolutely dying to know what you guys all thought of last night's Penny Dreadful premiere! This show caused some serious finagling in my household because Flyboy is adamantly opposed to paying for the premium channels, and would in fact, cancel my satellite entirely if he could. Since he has to leave town so often for manly military stuffs I get to keep my shows, and Penny Dreadful has been my latest obsession. No joke, I've been anticipating this one for months! The premiere definitely lived up to my expectations (dark, dangerous, gritty with just a hint at the sexy) although I am almost irate that we only get 8 episodes this season. I suppose Masters of Sex might make up for my disappointment at the short season order.

I'm intrigued by Billy Piper's character, Brona Croft, because it's been hinted that she has a very dark past. Finally, a character that might make me see her as someone other than Rose of Dr. Who fame.

Visit the Showtime website for all the delicious details, including how to watch the first episode for free!

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