Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Hydra Protocol

If you're looking to take a break from the paranormal, which we all need to do every now and again, this might be the spy thriller for you. Jim Chapel seems to be a pretty tough guy and his missions remind me of old Bond movies, like the Sean Connery Bond, but that might be because the subject matter involves Cold War subs and supercomputers. Mind you, this is my impression without having read the book yet, and we should have a full review up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. ~Anna

From the back of the book:

To prevent nuclear annihilation, Special Forces operative Jim Chapel must infiltrate a top secret Russian military base and disable an unstable supercomputer in this high-adrenaline, action-packed adventure thriller from David Wellington, the acclaimed author of Chimera-an exciting, science-based thriller reminiscent of the works of Lee Child and James Rollins

On a routine mission involving a sunken Soviet submarine in Cuban waters, wounded Special Forces veteran Jim Chapel, back in action thanks to medical technology, unexpectedly meets Nadia, a beautiful Russian agent.

Nadia shares shocking intel about HYDRA, a forgotten Cold War supercomputer that controls hundreds of nuclear missiles aimed at the U.S. Just one failsafe error, and America will be obliterated. And there have been glitches in its programming . . .

To disarm HYDRA before it plunges the U.S. into nuclear winter, Nadia and Chapel must travel across Eastern Europe and infiltrate a secret base hidden deep in the steppes of Central Asia. But as these uneasy allies discover, not everyone wants the weapon out of commission.

More about the book:

David Wellington returns to the fast-paced Jim Chapel action thrillers with THE HYDRA PROTOCOL, sequel to his acclaimed CHIMERA, which Booklist praised as “crisply written and exciting.” Well known in the horror community for his “Monster Island” trilogy, Wellington is fast making a name for himself as a thriller writer, skillfully combining political intrigue with relentless action to create the next great spy series.

Jim Chapel wants only to finish his current mission, go home and propose to his girlfriend. The routine mission--dive over 120 meters in Cuban waters to retrieve a hidden key code from a sunken Russian submarine--changes course quickly when Cuban officials are tipped off. But the beautiful woman who saves him from being discovered is actually a Russian agent, and her intel is shocking.

Hidden during the cold war, a forgotten Russian supercomputer controls hundreds of nuclear missiles, all aimed at the US. Just one failsafe error, and HYDRA destroys the US completely. And there have been glitches in its programming...

Jim and Nadia must travel across Eastern Europe into the steppes of Central Asia, deep into enemy territory, find and infiltrate the secret base deep in enemy territory, and stop HYDRA before it plunges the US into nuclear winter. But not everyone wants the weapon out of commission.

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