Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Motherless Child

I'm really excited to get my hands on this one because I need something that will bring vampires back to my good graces...I think I'm just burnt after years of reading vamps, vamps, and oh yeah, more vamps. This looks to be just the type of book I was looking for, with vampires going back to their origins of horror while still maintaining that unexplainable allure. The reviews so far have been good so far and I'm hoping to have mine posted sometime in June. If you've already read this one I'd love to hear what you thought.  ~Anna

In his powerful novel, Motherless Child (May 2014; Tor; e-book and hardcover editions), Bram Stoker Award–nominee Glen Hirshberg, author of the International Horror Guild Award–winning American Morons, exposes the fallacy of the Twilight-style romantic vampire while capturing the heart of every reader.

It’s the thrill of a lifetime when Sophie and Natalie, single mothers living in a trailer park in North Carolina, meet their idol, the mysterious musician known only as “the Whistler.” Morning finds them covered with dried blood, their clothing shredded and their memories hazy. Things soon become horrifyingly clear: the Whistler is a vampire and Natalie and Sophie are his latest victims. The young women leave their babies with Natalie’s mother and hit the road, determined not to give in to their unnatural desires.

Hunger and desire make a powerful couple. So do the Whistler and his Mother, who are searching for Sophie and Natalie with the help of Twitter and the musician’s many fans. The violent, emotionally moving showdown between two who should be victims and two who should be monsters will leave readers gasping in fear and delight.

Originally published in a sold-out, limited edition, Motherless Child is an extraordinary Southern horror novel that Tor Books is proud to bring to a wider audience.




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