Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Bone Eaters

The Bone Eaters, by Keith Faigin


"In present-day America, most people don’t worry too much about monster attacks. Vampires were driven from North America more than a hundred years ago and electric werewolf fences and instant DNA tests at border crossings keep the population secure.

Nick Slipwick is a private detective and self-acknowledged ‘monster enthusiast/monster’s rights activist.’ Lieutenant Amato was a once-rising star of the Chicago Police Department. Now, he’s been put out to pasture as the head of the Inhuman Crimes Unit, the joke of the Chicago PD. In the first Nick and Amato adventure, the two join forces to investigate the reanimation of pairs of ‘Steins around the city. Their investigation leads them to a young research scientist conducting an experiment to figure out why guys never call her for a second date, a charismatic pastor who runs a mega-church/casino, the Motown chapter of the Society of Creatures that Eat People, and a monster who is entirely unlike the regular werewolves and vampires that everyone learns about in school.

‘The Bone Eaters’ is a fast-moving combination of mystery, horror and humor which weaves together an array of unexpected characters into a fun and satisfying ride."

Angie's Review:

This is the first book by Keith Faigin, and when I received it, I had high hopes that it would turn out to be as funny as a Christopher Moore book. Well, I was not disappointed.

The story focuses on private eye, Nick Slipwick, and Inhuman Crimes Unit cop, Detective Amato, who are investigating a series of Frankenstein monster-style re-animations. But their search for the culprit leads them into an even bigger mystery. It would appear that the vampires and werewolves were not really driven out centuries ago, and some of them are meeting and conspiring together, in positions of power throughout Detroit. Are they dangerous, or just trying to live their lives? And what of this new monster? The Bone Eater? Does he have anything to do with this? And why do all of the vampires have crazy tans?

I was laughing out loud throughout this one. The characters are a riot. Nick and Amato make for a fun, comical crime-fighting duo. I loved Stacy and her quest to understand just how short her skirt needs to be in order to get a second date...with spreadsheets and science! And the Bone Eater, himself was quite the interesting monster. I have never seen anything like that before. Detective Feta was a particularly hilarious character and I found myself cackling at his antics.

So, I say read it! I know sometimes indie books are hit or miss, but this one knocked it out of the park. It is rare for me to feel as enthusiastic as I do for an indie book, but this one really was worth getting excited for. I think this author is destined for good things, and I really hope there are more Nick and Amato books!

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