Monday, June 23, 2014

the wait is finally over

So I've been binge watching the last 2 seasons of True Blood over the weekend, definitely a show that changes when watched in big batches, because the WTF! moments just flow one into the other and waiting to see what happens is no longer necessary, making some of the more wacko moments seem more rational somehow. Usually, when you watch an episode the WTF scene(s) are what you discuss with your mates throughout the week, laughing, ranting, and cringing in pretty equal measure. When you watch all at once that entire aspect disappears because it all makes a twisted sort of sense. I'm gonna say that I much prefer watching with my guy, talking with my friends, and debating what could possibly happen next versus the mass binge that occurs when trying to catch up before the very end.

So some of you might remember the Bite Club blog back when we used to recap True Blood episodes each week with our favorite Trubie, Jen...well, she's coming back for the final season!!!! Each Tuesday (gives people with a DVR to catch up) she will be sharing her highs and lows from the current episode, counting us down to the final series finale, giving us plenty to talk about along the way. I am so excited to have her back!

Stay tuned, Jen's first recap will live tomorrow!


Jen D. said...

Stoked to be back! Thanks for having me. =)

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Anytime. I'm always happy to share the blog with you:)