Friday, June 6, 2014

TV for the Summer

Oh boy. Summer is here and I live in the desert, so it is hot, hot hot!
For me, summer is the season where I try to stay indoors as much as possible, and if I have to be outside I want to be near a pool. Otherwise forget it. It's 108 here today. Yuck.

But that makes summer a great time to catch up on TV shows or start watching something awesome! So let's see what is coming up for us nerdy fantasy, horror, sci-fi types.

First off is the return of a series I loved from last year-


Season 2 is coming your way on June 19th! SyFy Channel- 8pm ET.

Another show that is in Season 2 this summer is Under the Dome. This premieres June 30th, at 10 ET on CBS.

Stephen King's book comes back for a second season as a TV adaptation, and this year, there will be a cameo appearance on the show by Stephen King, himself! Check out the preview below. Looks promising!

And if you have kept up with True Blood, the final season starts June 22nd, at 9pm ET on HBO!


And a brand new show from the creep-tastic mind of Guillermo DelToro, comes out on July 13th!
The Strain airs on the FX at 10 pm ET.


Extant, starring Halle Berry premieres on July 9th at 9 ET on CBS.

Why are aliens always anally probing people and impregnating women? Sickos from space. LOL.

Falling Skies Season 4 returns on June 22nd, 10 pm ET on TNT. Love this show!


June 29th, we get to finally see The Leftovers, on HBO at 10 pm ET. Looks really intriguing. (Trailer below is a bit NSFW, though.)

By August, Diana Galbaldon's Outlander series comes to Starz. It debuts August 9th!

And finally, Doctor Who will return this August! No official date for release has been announced yet, but there is a teaser trailer out. However, it is like, 16 seconds long, so don't expect much there. We'll just have to wait for more info.

That is a lot to watch, guys. I will have to DVR most of this. There's no way I can keep up, even over summer break! But I will have fun trying!


Anna (Bite Club) said...

Thank Heaven for DVR's! I might record and wait for Falling Skies and Defiance since those are the 2 summer shows that we watch together, but everything else is fair game.

Cannot wait for The Strain!

I'm not sure about Extant because Hally Herry isn't my favorite, but we'll see. The Leftovers looks dark (and sexy) so I'm hoping to switch from Showtime to HBO once Penny Dreadful is over for the season.

Oh, Dr.Who. What am I going to do with you? Neither Mackenzie or I are grooving on this new doctor yet, so my excitement level isn't where it normally would be for a season premiere:(

SkyRhino said...

I'm hopeful for the new Doctor. There's always an adjustment period.