Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Strain Comes Out Tomorrow!

Hey Vamp Chix!

Don't forget that the new show, The Strain, premieres tomorrow!

It is gonna be sooooo creepy! And here's some more good news- if you are a fan of the comics that came out a few years back, you will probably be very happy with this adaptation, because it looks like they stayed really close to the comic. There's a whole article on i09 about it here.

Good news. I love it when you get a screen adaptation that doesn't disappoint!

The show is on FX at 10pm Eastern Time. 
Here's an extended trailer:


Anna (Bite Club) said...

After the hellacious freak out storm and subsequent power outage I completely freaked out that all my Sunday shows did not record. Thankfully, I was able to record the repeats later in the night so now I can finally watch this! I have been waiting for months and no amount of freaky wind and rain is gonna stop me.

SkyRhino said...

Me too. We had power outages off and on all night. Cah-razy!

Anna (Bite Club) said...

It always seems like the big storms knock out satellite on Sunday when just about half of my weekly shows are set to record. What's up with that? I'm trying to get Zach to watch this with me so I don't scare myself to death because I remember how the books creeped me out. However, I must love being scared otherwise I would read and watch so many scary things!

SkyRhino said...

I watched it. It was gooood!