Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Phillip K Dick Anthology

The Early Science Fiction of Phillip K. Dick, by Dover Publications, Inc.

Book Description:

"The highly prolific and influential science fiction author Philip K. Dick published 44 novels and more than 120 brief works. This anthology presents his finest short stories and novellas, which originally appeared in pulp magazines of the early 1950s. Contents include "The Variable Man," "Second Variety," "Beyond the Door," "The Defenders," and more."

Angie's Review:

 You really can't go wrong with a Phillip K. Dick story, if you're into science fiction. And for those unfamiliar with him- this is the author behind a lot of sci-fi movies you've seen. Bladerunner, Minority Report, Paycheck, The Adjustment Bureau- those were all based on stories of his.

And in this book we get to peek at some of his earliest work. This is PKD before his peak, but don't think that even his first attempts at the genre aren't magnificent. 

The book contains the stories:

  • Beyond Lies the Wub
  • The Skull
  • The Gun
  • The Crystal Crypt
  • Second Variety
  • The Variable Man
  • The Eyes Have It
  • Mr. Spaceship
  • Piper in the Woods
  • Tony and the Beetles
  • The Defenders
  • and Beyond the Door
There honestly isn't a bad story here. It's classic sci-fi at its finest. Spaceships and off-world colonies, alien life-forms and nuclear holocaust, time travel and got it. This is a collection for any fan of the genre, and one I am glad to add to my own library.

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