Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Who

So what did everyone think of yesterday's new episode of Doctor Who?


Well, for my part, I thought the new opening credits looked really groovy. I thought Capaldi's portrayal of the Doctor was a lot of fun. He had some funny moments- the smell and the sudden realization that he has a Scottish accent- and he also portrayed a Doctor struggling to adjust to his new face and feeling overwhelmed by muddled memories of all of his past selves. In Deep Breath, Capaldi's Doctor is trying to understand who he has become, just as Clara, and all of the viewers are.

My one complaint was that I feel the show went too far to try to pat us all on the back and say, "It's ok, it's a new Doctor and we know a lot of you younger viewers had a crush on the old one, but remember, the show is about this old guy- I mean, a really old guy- so just try to accept that and love the show anyway." I don't think we needed a cameo by Smith for that. They wrote in this huge conflict for Clara in meeting this new Doctor, and I felt like it was supposed to reflect the fears of fans- wondering if they'll like this new incarnation, and trying to reassure them. My opinion is- just keep making a good show with strong story-lines and make the Doctor a likeable, funny, fascinating character,  and the fans will come around as they always have.

And Capaldi- he was funny and fascinating. And for me, he is a welcome change of pace. Matt Smith, much as I loved him, is a fast-paced Doctor. His Doctor is a  big goofy guy who has the attention span of an ADHD rabbit. With Amy and Rory, he often had to slow down for a second and explain things to them, but then when they introduced Clara, they gave us a companion who was meant to keep up with him and give it right back. The result was that often, exchanges between the Doctor and Clara had begun to look like competitions between auctioneers. It was like- who can talk faster? I was often rewinding the show so I could re-listen to key bits of dialogue. It was too much. Capaldi takes it down a notch, and I feel like that was the balance that had been missing.

What else did I love? It was great to see Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax again. We saw a little conflict between Vastra and Jenny, but also their love for each other. Plus we got an awesome speech from Vastra about why she wears the veil, and it was all like heck yes, girl, you tell it! LOL.

I liked the scene where the Doctor is translating the dinosaur's roars in his sleep. It was clearly what the Doctor himself was feeling, and it made him once again, such a sympathetic character. He is this powerful force, and yet so alone and so lost without his home. I think we will get little snippets like this for a while and it is going to set the stage for him to make finding Galifrey, wherever it may be, the major story arc of the seasons to come.
We also had a little mystery thrown in, right at the end. Who is the strange woman that called the Doctor her boyfriend? Is this a future villain I smell? Hmmm.

Well, I thought it was a great start, and it made me excited to see more. Anyone else have any thoughts they want to share or ideas for who the mystery woman may be?


Rachael Cushman said...

I was thinking that the woman at the end might be a version of Clara that went wrong in the Time Stream. She refferes to him as her boyfriend (so some are thinking TARDIS) but the Doctor made a point to tell Clara that he wasn't her boyfriend, then said he never said it was her mistake. Some think that means the Doctor thought Clara was his girlfriend, but maybe their is a version of Clara that went wrong and thinks the Doctor is her boyfriend and is also evil. He picked his new face for a reason, and he couldn't remember why, but he remembered it, has been in his own time stream so he would have seen everything, but the new Doctor may not quite remember it all just yet.

Plus, there was a woman that gave Clara the Dr's number when he was a monk. A woman who wants them together. My husband says it's a great plot line, but he thinks I'm giving Moffat too much credit! LOL!

SkyRhino said...

So, I found an article from June that announced that Michelle Gomez would be joining the cast. (She is the lady who plays the mysterious woman.) The article states that her role would be the "Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere."
Fits, since she was claiming that she was in the promised land and such. Now, what that really means as far as who she is and why she thinks the Doctor is her boyfriend...I have NO idea. But it is interesting.