Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paris Secrets #3

Hey guys! Don't forget Michele Renae's third Paris Secrets book- Skin is out now!

Book Description:

 "Exquisite. Bold. Gorgeous. Those were the words that lured her into the Frenchman’s heart.
What began as a flirtatious, daring affair behind windows between the American woman who learned to set her inner vixen free, and the handsome, light-hearted Monsieur Sexy, advanced to the delicious intricacies of cyber-sex. But she is still waiting for his touch.
Finally, the lovers abandon their apprehensions and come together, all senses engaged: sight, sound, smell, and now the delicious glide of his masterful hands over her skin, and the taste of his intoxicating kiss. A dashing musketeer, black velvet Louboutins, and Da Vinci’s mysterious Mona Lisa all become a part of their inventive sexual liaisons.
They have shared their most intimate selves with one another in every way, yet there are still challenges that will try their connection and force them to decide, once and for all, if they are meant for one another…
…or if secrets will break them apart."

Get it now on Amazon.
Get the whole trilogy here.

Learn more about the series on Michele's website.

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Carrie said...

Cant wait top get my hands a
on her new book. Favorite author.