Saturday, August 2, 2014

Two more shows are ready to watch!

On Netflix (available to stream now):

The Killing has been cancelled twice and just refuses to die, a fate I wholeheartedly support since I've been a fan of the show since the beginning. They've made some serious missteps, remember the Rosie Larson killer that was not revealed as expected during the finale episode despite being the tagline for the entire season, yet continues to keep the audience demanding more. After the cliffhanger of last season it's great that the showmakers once again get to tell the story...I can only hope that it's satisfying.

Over at AMC (premieres tonight):

You never really know what's gonna happen out West, but it's a surefire bet that Bohannon will be smack in the middle kicking some ass as usual, while Durant will be screwing folks over in the name of the almighty dollar. These characters are some of the best on television, with exceptional writing that is showcased in a tough and gritty world, and not once have I thought the show predictable in any way.

Here's a great primer to catch you up on all things in Hell:

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