Saturday, September 6, 2014

Robot of Sherwood Recap


Doctor Who, Series 8, Episode 3 was a sillier, more light-hearted story than the last episode. We go on a romp through medieval England and visit Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Except- they aren't real...are they? The Doctor is convinced that they are some sort of trick, and he may be right because it turns out the Sheriff of Nottingham is in cahoots with a band of robots from outer space that are harvesting gold to repair their ship and reach the "promised land." (There's that reference again.) So Robin of Locksley might well be a robot too.

The robots have made a crucial error in their plan though, and unless the Doctor and Robin can help, they are going to burn half of England and explode their ship when they try to take off. You know...for aliens with advanced technology, they sure don't seem too smart. Anyway, there's the evil Sheriff to deal with and peasants to rescue, so the Doctor and Robin need to start working together instead of arguing like children. Good luck with that.

Lots of giggles in this episode, but it was a bit overly silly at times and had some plot holes. So, not my favorite so far, but not bad. We did see a trailer for next week and it looks like we get a good scary one! Those are the best! Can't wait!

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