Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Caretaker

Doctor Who, Series 8, Episode 6- The Caretaker

I liked this episode quite a lot. I've been saying I wanted to see more of Danny and Clara, and we finally got it. The Doctor has formally met Mr. Pink now, and although they don't quite get along yet, I think they developed a grudging respect for each other. I still have no idea why the Doctor is being so pig-headed about soldiers right now, but I have a feeling that will change by the end of this series.

Anyway, we got to see Clara struggling to manage her dual life- having escapades on alien planets with the Doctor, and flitting back to her "normal" life just in time to show up for work and dates with Danny. Clearly, she is spreading herself thin. Once again, it seems like she is going to have to choose between these lives before long, and with rumors of a departure at Christmas looming, this fits in with a story arc that would take us in that direction.

The Doctor had some cute moments in this episode, as well. He was attempting to infiltrate the Coal Hill School by posing as a new caretaker, in order to trap and remove a "Skovox Blitzer" that is apparently really, really dangerous. (To me it just looked like a malevolent "Number 5" from Short Circuit.)

"No disassemble!"

We see him trying to act like a human, but mostly just griping about them and saying things that make him sound terribly, awkwardly, anything but human. And of course, he incorrectly assumes that Clara's boyfriend is a nerdy, bow-tie clad gentleman instead of Danny. What? Clara attracted to a bow-tied nerd? Never. And although once again, there is an evil alien thing threatening the planet, the real drama is when the Doctor realizes his mistake and he and Danny have it out. Yikes.

But of course, Danny manages to help save the Earth at the last minute, and so the Doctor has to concede that he is not half bad after all. So all is well, isn't it? Well, I think so, but Danny does seem rather irritated that Clara ever lied to him in the first place, and the Doctor is still quite testy with Danny, but he is grumpy with everyone right now. This regeneration has been hard on him, I guess.

And we met a "disruptive influence" named Courtney Woods, who is precociously nosy and maybe a bit motion-sick. She pesters the Doctor into getting a glimpse into the TARDIS, and by the end of the episode, we see him taking her on a quick journey into the cosmos, where she promptly loses her lunch. It seems like she would just be a one-off character, but then we got a tiny shot of her in the next episode trailer! So, little miss disruptive will be back next week, it seems. 

Oh, and right at the end we got just another tiny peek at the Nethersphere again. But no more information on exactly what it is, or who Missy is. The mystery continues...

So, the adventures continue next weekend with "Kill the Moon."


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