Monday, October 27, 2014

Like mermaids? You can participate in the publishing process!

Hi! Michele Hauf here. My Kindle Scout campaign begins today so I wanted to let you in on how this works:

What I love about the publishing world is it is constantly changing. Lately, it seems to change every other week, and that's exciting. I like to try the different opportunities in publishing and see which ones work for me. I enjoy having my books published in the traditional manner through the large NY publishing houses. I also enjoy working with small presses. I like to self-publish my stuff because it gives me an amazing feeling of accomplishment working on every single aspect of the process, from writing, to creating covers, to publishing (I leave the editing to a professional).

Now I'm giving crowd-sourced publishing a try. What is that? It's where the reader gets a say in what books will be published. Amazon has begun the Kindle Scout program. For a month time period they will post authors' books and you, the reader, get to read the beginnings. You vote for the books you want to see published. Should one of the books you vote for end up ultimately getting published, you will receive a free copy of that book one week before release. (This is all digital.)

So doesn't that sound cool? You can have a hand in the publishing process!  And I'm asking you for your vote! You can click over to read the beginning of THEN HE KISSED HER right now, and vote. I love mermaids and have always wanted to publish a mermaid story, so now here's my chance. This story is set in Wales during the 19th century and features a burly, yet kind fisherman who has dreams of netting a mermaid. It's a faery tale!

Click here to read THEN HE KISSED HER

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