Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mummy On The Orient Express


Doctor Who, Series 8, Episode 8

So Clara didn't stay away long, but we see her joining the Doctor for their final hurrah. They are taking the Orient Express in space, which sounds awesome, but there is a monster on board. Of course. This time it is a mysterious mummy that is only seen by its immediate victim. The legend says if you see "the Foretold," you have exactly 66 seconds to live. That's not much, and if there is a way to stop such a creature, you would have a terrible time figuring it out since it can't be seen and studied except by those with only moments to live. 

And it turns out, the guests on the train are not random passengers, but rather, experts hand-selected by a mysterious person named Gus, who put together a team to understand and control the Foretold. Each person on the train, including the Doctor, has some background that makes them qualified to possibly solve this riddle...or die trying. 

"Gus" doesn't seem to have a problem throwing innocent people at this monster like cannon fodder.  And we learn that this isn't the first time that such a trip has been taken, and the previous guests died in vain. Not only that, but we also discover that the Doctor has been invited to take this particular trip several times already, but had always declined before, and that Gus had called the phone box to extend that invite. Hmmm. Is he connected to Missy somehow? Will we see this character in a future plot-line? I am betting yes.

But all of that drama, interesting as it is, is only a backdrop for the real tension in the episode, which is- will Clara really break it off with the Doctor for good?

 (And as an aside- Clara looked adorable in this show. I loved the short hair and the flapper girl dress.)

It certainly seems that way, right up until the end. She talks to the Doctor about leaving and asks him if it is an addiction- being the man who makes the impossible decisions. He says simply that its what he does. She then talks to Danny on the phone, tells him she'll be home soon, hangs up and promptly tells the Doctor never mind the whole last hurrah business, let's go see some more planets as long as you get me back on time. And instantly, it sounds like she is the one with the addiction. She is lying to her loved ones, doing something that goes against her better judgment, and is unable to walk away from the adrenaline rush that she gets from saving the world all of the time. 

So, for now, it looks like Clara is back on board the TARDIS, but for how long? And will this have consequences for her and Danny? I'd be inclined to think so. 

Next week's episode trailer- "Flatline"-

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