Monday, October 20, 2014

The story so far...

After months of anticipation, built up over the summer by re-watching previous seasons with my son and remembering why this show is so incredibly cool, I went on vacation and had to DVR the premiere  episode to watch when I returned. Yes, I could have watched in my hotel room, but vacations aren't for watching grainy TV when the beach beckons just a few feet away, so I waited.

After laughing at the Super Special episode from the night before I couldn't help but feel like I'm missing the monster of the week format more than I thought. My own teen monster agrees with me. 

Anyhoo, with my popcorn popped and a cold Pepsi happily fizzing away well within reach I pushed play on season 10 to see what trouble Deanmon and Crowley were up to while we were away. Without really recapping, because I'm terrible at it, I can briefly touch on the highlights and what I think will be the overall story arc for the season. 

*A drunk and disorderly Dean romping with waitresses and singing horrible karaoke while killing time with his new bestie Crowley was an absolutely perfect way to kick off his stint as a demon. It's like he took every douchey thing he could think of an incorporated that into his new attitude, but the great part is that you still get these momentary glimpses of his humanity.

*Crowley. I just love his repartee with both Winchesters. His little nicknames for Sam and the no nonsense King of Hell attitude...classic Crowley. Love him!

*Oh, Sam. Please never change from the loyal and angsty brother willing to do anything and sacrifice all for family. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? I am very excited to see how Sam handles this new and not so improved Dean because he has that wonderful balance of forming a solid plan to flying off the handle. He has the tech savvy smarts, but can still kick your ass with one arm tied behind his back. Literally.

*Poor Castiel. The fading of his grace seems like the main arc for the season but I am really hoping they break it up with some monster hunting because the angels can be so frustrating. Besides that, I was totally hoping we were done with the evil M, but alas, there he sits in his sad little prison trying his damnedest to twist the minds of everyone he sees.

So there you have it. All is right with the world because we get our weekly dose of vitamin W. Now I just need to catch the hell up! ~Anna

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