Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Christmas is coming early

I started reading Sandra Hill back when she wrote about Vikings, no paranormal elements involved, just good 'ol Alpha male Vikings, with plenty of bodice ripper romance, and I loved it. Then my tastes shifted towards vampires, werewolves, witches, and ghosts...enter the Vangels! 

The name sounded silly to me at first, a few giggles and eyerolls might have been involved, but after reading Kiss of Wrath it was obvious that Sandra Hill had created a lore that was inventive and original. The men in these books are about as Alpha as you can get and the women they meet are dynamic and strong, not a simpering miss in sight, which is so great because when reading a romance I want it to be something that doesn't make me embarrassed to be a girl. 

If you want sexy guys and kickass chicks, then give this series a try. ~Anna

Christmas in Transylvania
A Deadly Angels Novella
By Sandra Hill

On-Sale 10/28/2014  

ISBN: 9780062117557

Book Description:

For the first time ever the leader of the Viking Vampire Angels, Vikar Sigurdsson, has been talked into celebrating a traditional Christmas! The tree has been decorated, the gifts have been wrapped and the stockings have been hung. And that’s mistletoe, not cobwebs hanging from the ceiling of the creepy castle full of vangels…really! 

The icing on the vampire cookie comes when vangel Karl Mortensen rescues Faith Larson, a battered young waitress, from her abusive boyfriend and hides her in the castle amidst the Christmas chaos. But what Karl thought was a frail young teenager is actually a very tempting woman. And she thinks his fangs are sexy! 

But a strange “Christmas visitor” at the castle and demon vampires up to their old tricks could threaten the budding romance between Karl and Faith. It’s an impossible match: a human and a vangel, but Christmas is a time for magic. 

Karl and Faith don’t stand a chance…

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