Friday, November 7, 2014

So Freaky!

American Horror Story recap time!


I enjoyed the two-part Edward Mordrake Halloween episodes. And if you didn't know- the character is based on a real person who actually had two faces and believed that the one on the back of his head said evil things to him. CREEPY!

And the big shocker for me, was that they killed off Twisty! I assumed he and Dandy would be killing and tormenting like an insane little clown posse for at least a bit longer, but nope. Mordrake claimed the crazed Twisty after we saw his origin story, and it was revealed that he was truly twisted. But, in yet another turn, we learn that Ryan Murphy intends to have the clown return later in the series. Hmm. As a ghost? A flashback? I guess we will wait and see.

 We learn that Ethel Darling is dying, and that Dell is Jimmy's dad, and that Elsa got her legs cut off in some horrifying German porn den.
Then we have Stanley and Maggie Esmerelda show up and they are looking for a freak to kill and pickle for the very unethical collector of the macabre and bizarre, Lillian Hemmings. Looks like they have their sites set on Bette and Dot, and that was confirmed in the latest episode, Pink Cupcakes.

Speaking of the new episode- what the heck is going on? It starts off with the Tattler sisters and Paul the Seal dead, and on display in Hemmings' gallery. And then they flash back and show you how the sisters died- by eating poisoned cupcakes that Stanley gave them. Except then- oh wait, no they didn't. WHAT? Was that all just Stanley's imagination? Next thing you know, the twins are alive again, and Elsa is getting jealous and dropping them off at Dandy's house. Um..ok. Whatever, I guess. Is Paul dead then? Was it all just a fantasy? So confused!

And Dandy...oh my god, that boy is 100% Grade A Psychopath. He murders Dora, and he is convinced that he is some kind of pure American specimen of awesomeness or something, and now he is going on the prowl for fresh victims by picking up guys at gay bars and taking them to Twisty's old pad for some murder-y fun. Except the first guy he nabs just won't die. In a gruesome turn of events, Dandy seems to have chosen a different sort of freak for his target- one that has regenerative abilities. Oh man. Even Dandy is turned off by sawing limbs off a dude who just won't stay dead.

And in other news, Desiree is really a woman, Dell is a closeted homosexual, (Although considering that he had relationships with a bearded lady and a hermaphrodite, that is maybe not such a big revelation. Should have seen that one coming.) Desiree is leaving Dell, which is just as well, because now he knows that she is a woman, maybe he won't be into her anymore. Oh, and Desiree was pregnant, but she miscarried. Bummer.

And finally, we saw just how complicit Gloria Mott is in her son's crimes. She covers up Dora's murder, and recalls how she foisted all of his upbringing onto a series of nannies who didn't stay around long. She makes excuses for his violent appetites saying that it is simply an affliction of the rich. She seems somewhat remorseful, but I don't think she is going to stand up to her son any time soon. And guess who shows up trying to find out where her mother is- Dora's daughter, played by AHS Coven cast member, Gabourey Sidibe ("Queenie"). So, will Gloria be willing to kill her to keep Dandy's crimes secret? I would put money on her suggesting that Dandy "clean up after himself" by going after Dora's daughter.

So, I think that brings us up to date. But, have you heard the news? Ryan Murphy has revealed that the seasons of AHS are actually connected. Oh my god. Mind blown. Pepper, we knew was a cross-over character, so there was clearly a connection between Seasons 2 and 4, but now he says they are ALL in the same universe. Que the OCD re-watching of past seasons to look for clues. I am sure somebody will have some insane fan-theories posted already. I just can't even right now. I'm still trying to figure out if Paul and the twins are dead.

Anyone have any thought about the season so far, or fan theories of their own that they want to share? Leave us some comments!