Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Twisted Fairytale Confessions

So, I had a lovely blog post scheduled using the multitude of information put together by the author and apparently all my work disappeared straight down a rabbit hole! Not a single word or image has survived despite my best efforts at resuscitation, I'll blame my recent switch from Mac to Windows, and to avoid the White Rabbit being even more late I've decided to put up a brief promo style post about the Twisted Fairytale Confession set in hopes that you can see the imagination, creativity, and fun for yourself, with my sincerest apologies to the author for jacking up this portion of the blog tour. These are highly recommended NA/YA fantasies with strong characters, inventive storytelling, and a fair amount of kickass behavior! The imagery alone is worth the double take and I rather enjoy the sass treatment each retelling gets from the very talented Sarah J. Pepper. ~Anna

"Evil poisons everyone. Period. Our mouths water when we sink our teeth into what we have always craved. Surrendering to our desires by biting off a delectable piece of the forbidden fruit is nothing more than a meager confession: Poison tastes sinfully sweet,"-Confessions of teh Big Apple Debutante, by blogger Miss Snow White. Genre: NA fantasy romance

Rapunzel isn't the stereotypical Damsel in Distress. Her Bad-Boy Prince Charming is a renowned mercenary, and their Happy Ending plays out like a bad movie. However, she is determined to breakout from her tower prison- love be damned-and do it in a fabulous pair of heels. Genre: NA romance fantasy
Falling in love with Alice Mae was like stumbling down a rabbit hole and seeing a magical world. Whereas, her betrayal was like tripping on a guillotine.
Heads will roll, and hearts will break, so does it really matters who reigns? Genre: YA fantasy romance

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