Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vamp bits and bites

Here's a fun one.  The above bat-shaped pic is from a t-shirt available from Chop Shop Store.  It features silhouettes of famous vampires in the pattern.  Can you name them all?  (There is no list of correct answers that I could find at the store, but still, it's fun!)

Have a nest of nasty vampires in need of slaying?  Check out the Vampire Killing Kit offered at eBay.

Vampire poetry offered at Semaphore, featuring the poems of Samuel Peralta.

Great vampire blog,

So you love vampires?  Now you want to dress a bit more vampish.  Heavy Red is the place to start!

Be sure to tune in on Monday for an interview with writer Eric Wilson, whose vampire trilogy appears in the 'Religion' section of bookstores.


Anna (VampChix) said...

I wonder if they have that bat image on a poster or something? Would be really cool for my room- all gothic and vamped out. It's neat.

Michele Hauf said...

That is cool, isn't it? I wish it were a little bigger, but I can still recognize quit a few.

Derek Tatum said...

That t-shirt is so awesome that my head just exploded looking at it.

Semaphore said...

Cool, thanks for the mention! I've linked this in my "Other People Say" section of the blog.

That poem you linked to is one of a 14-sonnet-cycle series that alternates between the vampire's and the victim's voice. No final title yet, but my temporary title is

VII Deadly Sins

12 sonnets written so far, 2 to go.

Semaphore said...

Oh sorry, have to mention: when you go to the link, the order of the poems is reversed, Blogspot-style, e.g. "The First Deadly Sin" is the first sonnet. said...

eventually we will have a letterpress print made of the design. if you want to know when it comes out sign up for our newsletter which only comes out about once a month: