Thursday, October 1, 2009

VampChix party last week in October!

To celebrate our favorite holiday and give the vamps we love some er, love, we'll be celebrating all week preceding Halloween with guest blogs, an author scavenger hunt, the first Bite Club chat, and prizes every day, including books, DVDs and more!
Authors: if you want to be included in the scavenger hunt and will donate a signed copy of your (vampire) book, contact Michele for details.
Media/Vamp-related: If you'd like to donate swag or a prize for the giveaway contact Michele.
Bloggers: If you have a vampire-related blog and want it to be featured during our VampBash contact Michele.
Everyone else: Get ready to party!

1 comment:

Jessica Lee said...

GREAT job on the ad for Vamp Bash, Michele! LOVE IT!