Sunday, November 1, 2009

The day after...

Whew!  Did we have a great VampBash last week, or what?  Time to relax today by sitting back and listening to this single from Chester Gregory, "Secret: A Vampire's Romance".

Just for fun I wanted to post the 'runners up' that Ryan Mecum chose from the vampire haiku entries.  There could only be one winner, but obviously they were all so good, Ryan wanted to recognize some of the best.

5th Place Favorite!
Vampire Haiku, by Amy Kennedy
Flesh bits stuck in teeth.
Vanity does not become
non-reflected Vamps.

4th Place Favorite!
Vampire Haiku, by David Moore
E vrykolakas
The sign on the door proclaimed.
It's all Greek to me.

3rd Place Favorite!
Vampire Haiku, by Marin
vampire novelist
skewered with a blue pencil
shrieks and falls to dust

2nd Place Favorite!
Vampire Haiku, by Chris Loft
Hiding from cold light
keeps me from your tender flood
and binds me to you

1st Place Favorite!
Vampire Haiku, by SiFiGuy
Caught up in desire.
Heart Racing. Fangs descending.
Ouch. Bloody braces.

Be sure to stop back in tomorrow for an interview with author, Jennifer Rardin!


Brenda Hyde said...

Those are good ones! My 16 year old and I loved Marin's. I'm not bitter he didn't pick mine. *snicker*

Witchy Woman said...

I loved reading "all" the Haiku's entered, it was fun reading. One of my favorites was Marin's, I was laughing so hard when I read it--too cute.

SciFiGuy said...

Should I be taking up poetry? Probably not but it was fun.

amy kennedy said...

Wow. I do not belong with these talented people, but thank you.

SciFi guy, yes, you should take up poetry.